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Tim Pawlenty is set to make his presidential bid official today. Yawn.

JB Van Hollen comes out against the lawless decision of Judge Maryann Sumi to block the budget repair bill, and Charlie Sykes has the scoop on Sumi’s conflict of interest regarding unions.

On federal spending and government shutdowns, Russ Vought makes the case for drawing a line in the sand.

Mark Levin has an excellent comparison of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush’s conservative credentials.

More union thuggery here and here.

And it turns out that Mitch Daniels is even worse than you (and I) thought.


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Valentine’s Day and Islam: not exactly the best combination.

excellence from Wisconsin’s disappointing Attorney General.

The Texas criminal appellate court
has upheld the recognition of the killing of preborn twins as double homicide.

Andy McCarthy
notices an area where John McCain can genuinely distinguish himself from Clinton and Obama. McCain doesn’t.

Remember Larry Craig? Yesterday the Senate Ethics Committee
lowered the hammer on him.

More liberals “supporting” the troops. Just don’t question their patriotism.

Oh, and Indiana Jones
is back.

Gee, Thanks JB

A pack of intolerant secularists has managed to get innocent religious content purged from a memorial service organized by the Wisconsin Department of Justice:

A religious hymn called “This Too Shall Pass” and a closing prayer by a Lutheran pastor will not be included in the ceremony as initially planned, department spokesman Kevin St. John said Friday…After a review, St. John said the department agreed the content was on shaky constitutional footing. “Rather than create the unintentional appearance that the state was endorsing religion or a particular creed, the department amended the program to exclude those parts,” he said. “We certainly wouldn’t want to have an appearance of a potential church-state violation overshadow the event.”

Hey Kevin—if you did the right thing, it wouldn’t be the DoJ “overshadowing” anything; it’d be the group of atheist thugs and their obsession. But the worst part of the story? These thugs “praised Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s office for quickly addressing its protest.” Y’know, that’d be the JB Van Hollen who ran as a strong conservative who knows the law.

General Van Hollen, I supported you in the Republican primary. I worked for you in the general election. For what? For you to needlessly cave when faced with lawless attacks on America’s heritage? Well, if Paul Bucher wants to take another stab at the job, I’ll be watching….