About Calvin Freiburger

Born and based in Wisconsin, I am a conservative writer who has fought for conservative principles since I was a teenager, having first developed an interest in politics as soon as I was old enough to comprehend abortion’s horror, then solidifying my passion for this career during the debates over George W. Bush’s response to September 11.

I started becoming politically active as a teenager, from being president of the Fond du Lac High School Republican Club and regularly volunteering with the Fond du Lac County Republican Party, to being a core member of the area pro-life youth group Heartbeat Teens and authoring numerous commentaries published in the Fond du Lac Reporter.

I went on to earn a political science degree from Hillsdale College, the nation’s premiere conservative institution of higher learning, in 2011. In college I was a staff writer for the Hillsdale Forum and member of Hillsdale College Students for Life. It was during this time that I landed my first professional writing job, as a regular commentator for the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s NewsReal Blog until the site closed in May 2011.

After college I interned for Hillsdale’s Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies & Citizenship in Washington, DC, became a regular contributor to Live Action News, and spent two years working for the National Pro-Life Alliance. From July 2016 to February 2018, I was Assistant Editor for the Federalist Papers Project. Currently I write news and commentary for LifeSiteNews.

Over the years, my work has also appeared on Human Events, the Daily Caller, American Greatness, Patriot Update, Conservative Review, American Clarion, The Stream, American Thinker, Media Trackers, Right Wisconsin, and more. In addition to my personal blog, I also maintained a RedState Diary (until I ruffled one feather too many). I am active on Twitter, and readers have helpfully compiled some of my more popular threads here.

My experiences have left me with not only a deep understanding of conservative philosophy and policies, but also a keen awareness of the Right’s ideological and practical strengths and weaknesses. I hope that my work helps find overlooked aspects of issues and original insights that help readers form a deeper understanding of the principles and motives animating current events, make sense out of inter-movement divisions, and develop new tactics for translating ideas into results.

Above all, I seek to unite full-spectrum conservative principles with serious strategic judgment to best ensure a free, virtuous, safe, and prosperous future.