News Around the Web

Valentine’s Day and Islam: not exactly the best combination.

excellence from Wisconsin’s disappointing Attorney General.

The Texas criminal appellate court
has upheld the recognition of the killing of preborn twins as double homicide.

Andy McCarthy
notices an area where John McCain can genuinely distinguish himself from Clinton and Obama. McCain doesn’t.

Remember Larry Craig? Yesterday the Senate Ethics Committee
lowered the hammer on him.

More liberals “supporting” the troops. Just don’t question their patriotism.

Oh, and Indiana Jones
is back.

2 thoughts on “News Around the Web

  1. How come no one in the MSM media is openly discussing these reports: the Obama limo sex and drug party allegations (just in case it is true): Isn’t the media supposed to be somewhat objective? Aren’t we (the public) supposed to make up our minds by ourselves as to who is the best candidate? Aren’t we supposed to hear all positive and negative allegations/news on each candidate….They throw trash at every other candidate while painting Obama as a saint. BTW I found some awesome analysis on the Democratic Campaign check out “Beating a Dead Donkey” and “The Negative Factor” on


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