Rave Reviews 7!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but better late than never, right? Here’s another delightful roundup of my more disagreeable readers’ greatest hits. Accusations of stupidity, evil, and mental disorders from faceless commenters and prominent bloggers alike, you’ll find it all here! Let’s get started:

…all the political credibility of a geranium, a not very bright geranium. – Tbone

Discussion is impossible with you. Scott Feldstein

That’s the dumbest analogy I’ve ever heard. – Jaynie59

No bumper sticker pasting here young boy .. just an old guy that is pissed off at your  “holier  than thou attitude”…. like you know more about a woman’s body  than she does… what kind of up bringing  did you have? – Walldodger

God you pro-Life people are really annoying me. – Alex

I think you may be a bit slow. – MiketheMarine

I was a Democrat until 2003, Calvin Freeburger. You want to be more careful about the sneers that you throw around. – Moe Lane

Pretty stupid…This whole story is salted with idiocy. – streiff

The important thing is you’ve found a way to pretend to be superior to women to choose to abort their pregnancies. – Jfabiani

Calvin is an inveterate and pathetic troll. He posts crap here that is poorly, if at all, researched, can’t assemble a cogent argument and puts up “defenses” like the one you just responded to. The guy is a simple minded fool or a raving idiot. Pick one. You’re wasting your time attempting to actually engage him. – mbecker908

Calvin, what a load of unmitigated crap…Too bad your understanding of the Constitution is so bad. – retire05

Maybe it is time to realize you live in a democracy where everybody of every conviction has a voice and a vote. – BizarreEntity

Maybe when you grow up a bit we can have an adult conversation. Until then, I’ll pray for you. – proALLlife

You sound like my rapist.  Cope with it, or change your attitude towards women. – Sorites Paradox

What about Calvin Freiburger’s own twisting and ignoring the Constitution when it’s convenient? – britney12

I’m ashamed to know that you are from Fond du Lac, where I live. You’ve written a lot of wacko crap before this, and I’m sure you’ll continue to do so, but you’re a joke. – Hhhhhh

This is what happens when neocon miscreants comment on what they appreciate least, namely the desired morality of the civil society. – NJ_Patriot

Now, the author of the article is not a conservative, he is a Neocon. Neocons are warmongers, more specifically warmongers for Israel, at the cost of bankrupting the United States. – edw987

this is the most poorly written editorial I’ve ever read. My God…Oh, the person who wrote this article is a man. No wonder he has no clue what he is talking about. – Guest

You will never be half man or do half the things in defense of Liberty as has Dr. Paul. Don’t embarrass yourself and blog about Ron Paul. You are too naive, young and stupid. – Illuminoti

…trash… – acat

Why don’t you “Man Up” and grow up while you’re at it and realize that we are only here for a while and then it’s over : Do you really want to spend your life being a hater and a bitter bigot? Get over yourself, why don’t you? – USAgloria

…ignorant pride and a false moral superiority… – Robyn

Calvin, Buddy, I know you hate being challenged on issues and I know it’s hard to process information that goes against your deeply-held worldview. – George

Apparantly Mr. Frieberger is either a shill for the globalist or he bought into the left/right falacy. – andrewhiu

Your a stupid, nazi idiot, you know nothing about politics and your lucky i dont take a big fat dump on your mothers chest. Shes a stupid skank and so are you thoughts, i would be ashamed if i were you, you scumbag american rat. You smell shit and you look like an asshole with out a vagina, […] stupid nigger fuck – Unknown

Come out and say you’re a liberal already. – Anonymous

By the look of you…you will never have sex with anyone much less a woman so why do you care? As a woman I can have an opinion…you…you are just a douche bag dork trying to make friends through all of this. So sad. Go get um acne boy!!! – Anonymous

You’re not pro-life. You might be anti-abortion but you’re not pro-life, you don’t care about the life or the culture. You care about getting retweeted and being stroked by other shut-ins than you do about the culture of death America has produced. – Rob Taylor

Is this serious? You’re an embarrassment to Fond du Lac, this country, and whatever college decided to give you a political science degree. – Apparently anyone can get a political science degree

you sir are a fool. You do not have to vite for every office listed on on a ballot Stay in School… It’s gonna take a while to learn the Stupid out of you. – Anonymous

Does your mommy also beg you to go out and find a girl? Or has she just accepted the fact that with a face like yours, your obvious lack of man’esque type personality, and your constant crying that her son will soon join his true group, GoPride? – Still in anonymous world

sometimes your hurtful comments towards others just makes me cringe. – Jdjdjeeeeerrrryyy

You really don’t get the private property thing, do you? I’m not surprised. – NightTwister

You obviously lack comprehension skills. – Bill S

You’ve repeatedly been warned to follow directions. You clearly can’t. I’ve had it. – Neil Stevens

This one looks like a serial killer – jakeofalltrades

We bash Muslims for their treatment of women but you have shown yourself to not be much better Calvin. – Letscook1

So you get an D for effort. – Oran Switzer

Calvin I wish you a good night as you crawl back in your tent at what ever OWS protest you are at. – izoneguy

Suggestion, instead of a worthless hit piece, post a diary of the good points of your preferred candidate. Oh, wait, I don’t think it would go over to good if you posted a diary promoting Obama. – gekster

…total and complete hypocritical piece of garbage – Scope

So, while you have been pontificating from your ivory tower of intellectualism….I have been looking at this from a “reality” prospective. – carolynr

I’m beginning to suspect that he may suffer from Asberger’s  or some other syndrome that prevents him from picking up on higher order social clues.  Poor Calvin. – Sparky

You are a repulsive scumbag. – Wade Felty

New on NewsReal – GLAAD Condemns "The Dilemma’s" Gay Joke: Justified Offense or Political Correctness Run Amok?

My latest NewsRealBlog post:

Carl Kozlowski at Big Hollywood hails Ron Howard’s new film The Dilemma as “an instant classic for the conservative comedy lover,” so it’s fitting that some leftists don’t think it’s so funny. Rob Shuter reports that the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is blaming the movie’s less than stellar opening weekend on a joke about electric cars being gay:

“Although there are a million reasons why a film can fail, we hope that Ron Howard and Universal will recognize from this that alienating audiences isn’t a recipe for success,” said Herndon Graddick, deputy director of programs at GLAAD, who oversees GLAAD’s work with TV networks and film studios.

Back in October, CNN’s Anderson Cooper started a firestorm when he said he was offended by a movie trailer he had seen wherein an actor repeatedly used the word “gay” in a derogatory way.

“I was shocked that not only they put it in the movie, but that they thought that it was OK to put that in a preview for the movie to get people to go and see it,” he told Ellen DeGeneres without naming the movie. “I just find those words, those terms, we’ve got to do something to make those words unacceptable cause those words are hurting kids.”

Both Howard (not exactly a right-winger) and star Vince Vaughn (a Republican) have defended the joke, with Howard noting that his movie is “a comedy for grown-ups, not kids” and that if “storytellers, comedians, actors and artists are strong armed into making creative changes, it will endanger comedy as both entertainment and a provoker of thought.” Vaughn says that “joking about our differences breaks tension and brings us together,” but “[d]rawing divided lines over what we can and cannot joke about does exactly that; it divides us.”

Read the rest on NewsRealBlog.

A Lump of Coal from YAL

Another reason not to join the dishonest, treason-loving frauds at “Young Americans for Liberty” (a name so wrong, it should never be reprinted without quotation marks): they really suck at writing poetry. On Christmas Day, Bonnie Kristian posted YAL’s own version of “The Night Before Christmas,” and…well, it’s special. A sample:

“YAL members are young, and they are eager too.
”They know what they believe and they don’t like you.
“With strong donor support and the winds at their backs,
“I can assure you, they’re planning attack.”

“This Fall they were training; they’re incredibly smart.
“They’ve turned liberty activism into a science and art.
“Many volunteered for campaigns to express their strong voices.
“And came Election Day, the results reflected their choices.”

“The TEA Party is real; don’t you know what this means?
“Say goodbye and good riddance to your printing machines.
“Ron Paul has a new job – and, oh, I’m sure you will care,
“He’s the new Domestic Monetary Policy chair.”

Bernanke’s jaw quivered, and fear filled his eyes.
He knew I was serious, that we had uncovered his lies.
And just then he noticed the snow was starting to stick,
His paper sleigh was melting; this was the end of his shtick.

The awkward flow and the hit-&-miss rhyming are amusing enough, but the self-congratulation and the Ron-Paul-as-savior nonsense – neither of which has been earned, by the way – make this a true classic of self-parody.

Rave Reviews 5!

Ladies and gentlemen, after a long, inexcusable hiatus, I’m thrilled to announce that Rave Reviews is back! We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so sit back and feel the love!

“I bet he’s also one of Tom Krannawitter’s lapdogs…er…lapcats?”Conimbricenses
“Don’t even pretend like you’re interested in a debate. You’ve already made up your mind…Your and other’s immaturity is the reason why I left the Republican party.”Eagle
“I stand by my original contention that Sean Hannity is a racist and that Mr. Freiburger’s defense of said racism suggests that he too might harbor the same sentiments…He really is overinflated with his sense of self-importance.”Priscilla
“Damn Calvin, I never dreamed you could stoop so low. But, unfortunately, I was obviously wrong… you couldn’t be more naïve… silly and asinine… extremely sensitive political correct sensibilities.”ObamaYoMama
“Behold the ‘Vitriolic Right’ for whom all politics is personal, nasty & vicious.”John Guardiano
“Holy cow, what a blowhard!… a loudmouth undergrad from a joke of a college with an unread blog who looks like a nerdier Harry Potter.”anon
“Gee Calvin, you must have taken ‘Attempted Insult Lessons 101’…”Pat
“Don’t give Calvin a pass on being a class A tool himself.”Scott Feldstein
“Many of the posters here, especially ‘Calvin,’ should come to the realization that courts don’t give a flaming rat’s ass what you personally think, nor does anyone else in the entire world except you.”Zorky
“Is this what passes for honest intellectual debate at Hillsdale these days? That’s a sad and surprising revelation if so.”M. O’Neal
“You surely attempt to sound middle ground on this and fair. But you really aren’t.”Robert
“I believe Mr. Freiburger writes these pieces so often because he is extremely insecure.”Mike
“What nonsense!”tramky
“Nice article, although you misunderstand Christianity.”@InvisibleAir
“Your hatred of Obama is really off the charts. Where were you when Bush Jr was wrecking the country and the world?”ganymede
“Yet the Puritan need to control and “perfect” others continues – on the right and the left. Give it up. The world can’t take any more of your good intentions.”R Sweeney
“Don’t waste your time with Calvin Freiburger. He is the most intellectually dishonest person I have encountered to the right of Karl Marx.”The Inquisitor
“Even if you aren’t violent, you are fanning the flames, inciting those that may be on the edge. There is more at stake here than whether someone is for or against the issue. There is the rule of law. This misogynistic thinking imitates Sharia law. This is America.”Naomi Litvin
“Calvin, you are being deliberately obtuse.”Optimus Maximus
“Your analogous safety-fascist measures all decrease safety… It is precisely the lack of principled commitment to freedom you exemplify that has allowed liberty to recede and tyranny to gain ground in America.”Tim Starr
“Calvin, it appears you have forgotten what America is all about! Oh no!”britney12
“‘Conservatives’ like you are no friend to truth.”headjanitor
“When you can’t answer a question, simply attempt to mock the questioner.”QSuzy
“You’re obviously a leftist posing as a conservative to meet your own ends, whatever those may be. Either that or you’re a practicing homosexual yourself.”Trucon
“You can take your totalitarianism and shove it up your a$$ with a d!ld0.”aspacia
“You definitely have an anger management problem. It seems anyone disagreeing with your interpretation of history ends up with comments about them like the ones above. Grow up!”kwg1

“Calvin, you REALLY don’t want me to start in on your writing style. To be honest a lot of your work resembles a right wing version of the Huffington Post screed.”Joseph Veca

Calvin Freiburger Online: shouldn’t you be reading?