Rave Reviews 5!

Ladies and gentlemen, after a long, inexcusable hiatus, I’m thrilled to announce that Rave Reviews is back! We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so sit back and feel the love!

“I bet he’s also one of Tom Krannawitter’s lapdogs…er…lapcats?”Conimbricenses
“Don’t even pretend like you’re interested in a debate. You’ve already made up your mind…Your and other’s immaturity is the reason why I left the Republican party.”Eagle
“I stand by my original contention that Sean Hannity is a racist and that Mr. Freiburger’s defense of said racism suggests that he too might harbor the same sentiments…He really is overinflated with his sense of self-importance.”Priscilla
“Damn Calvin, I never dreamed you could stoop so low. But, unfortunately, I was obviously wrong… you couldn’t be more naïve… silly and asinine… extremely sensitive political correct sensibilities.”ObamaYoMama
“Behold the ‘Vitriolic Right’ for whom all politics is personal, nasty & vicious.”John Guardiano
“Holy cow, what a blowhard!… a loudmouth undergrad from a joke of a college with an unread blog who looks like a nerdier Harry Potter.”anon
“Gee Calvin, you must have taken ‘Attempted Insult Lessons 101’…”Pat
“Don’t give Calvin a pass on being a class A tool himself.”Scott Feldstein
“Many of the posters here, especially ‘Calvin,’ should come to the realization that courts don’t give a flaming rat’s ass what you personally think, nor does anyone else in the entire world except you.”Zorky
“Is this what passes for honest intellectual debate at Hillsdale these days? That’s a sad and surprising revelation if so.”M. O’Neal
“You surely attempt to sound middle ground on this and fair. But you really aren’t.”Robert
“I believe Mr. Freiburger writes these pieces so often because he is extremely insecure.”Mike
“What nonsense!”tramky
“Nice article, although you misunderstand Christianity.”@InvisibleAir
“Your hatred of Obama is really off the charts. Where were you when Bush Jr was wrecking the country and the world?”ganymede
“Yet the Puritan need to control and “perfect” others continues – on the right and the left. Give it up. The world can’t take any more of your good intentions.”R Sweeney
“Don’t waste your time with Calvin Freiburger. He is the most intellectually dishonest person I have encountered to the right of Karl Marx.”The Inquisitor
“Even if you aren’t violent, you are fanning the flames, inciting those that may be on the edge. There is more at stake here than whether someone is for or against the issue. There is the rule of law. This misogynistic thinking imitates Sharia law. This is America.”Naomi Litvin
“Calvin, you are being deliberately obtuse.”Optimus Maximus
“Your analogous safety-fascist measures all decrease safety… It is precisely the lack of principled commitment to freedom you exemplify that has allowed liberty to recede and tyranny to gain ground in America.”Tim Starr
“Calvin, it appears you have forgotten what America is all about! Oh no!”britney12
“‘Conservatives’ like you are no friend to truth.”headjanitor
“When you can’t answer a question, simply attempt to mock the questioner.”QSuzy
“You’re obviously a leftist posing as a conservative to meet your own ends, whatever those may be. Either that or you’re a practicing homosexual yourself.”Trucon
“You can take your totalitarianism and shove it up your a$$ with a d!ld0.”aspacia
“You definitely have an anger management problem. It seems anyone disagreeing with your interpretation of history ends up with comments about them like the ones above. Grow up!”kwg1

“Calvin, you REALLY don’t want me to start in on your writing style. To be honest a lot of your work resembles a right wing version of the Huffington Post screed.”Joseph Veca

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