Rave Reviews 3!

Hey, kids!  It’s time for another installment of Rave Reviews!

“Calvin, you’d better take a course in logic while you’re there at Hillsdale, because this piece is full of logical fallacies. Oh, and a course in journalism mightn’t go amiss either…you’re a very silly boy, Calvin.”Peggy

“what a fool you are… drowned by politcal propaganda when you claim to be a student of the very institution you bastardise. you are subversley guised into behaving like a perfect pawn.”king james

“Look kid I’ve met many of your kind before, you have Dick Cheney written all over you. You’re willing to watch other people shed blood and make the sacrifice, but to chicken shit to put your own ass on the line. Why don’t you put your education on hold and join the fight instead of being some little bitch cheering from the sidelines. But of course we know you won’t, because you rather see other young men and women die for your twisted un-constitutional agenda.”Justin

“…afgan cave of a mind.”Rhys

“The problem with you Calvin is that you’ve been listening to Sean Hannity your entire life. If that’s your perspective, if that’s all you know, how do you know any better? You shut off your mind to any opposing views…But I know you won’t change and luckily not everyone is as arrogant as you in their beliefs thinking that they know everything”Mike

“You seem to have an absolute block in your mind about questioning anything that involves the military…I think it’s sad that you are unable to engage in an intelligent discussion of these topics.”Aaron

“You Neo-Cons are definitely in denial. Who the hell told you that being Pro-War is Pro-American? […] you definitely need much more education than I thought.”Branden

“…an Israel Firster.”William R

“Perhaps you’re not evil, just coldhearted.”GrrrlRomeo

“I am troubled that my alma mater Hillsdale is producing students of political science with such poor reading comprehension and listening capacities…an unprincipled young man who wishes to maintain present American global dominance without consideration of the damage it will do to our republic in the long run…my name is on plaques at Hillsdale, and yours isn’t.”Marcus Brutus

“You are such a little drama queen…You are despicable…Calvin, the Defender of Pedophiles. Hey, NAMBLA just advocates ‘free speech.’ They don’t really do anything wrong. Calvin, go join, quick, you little punk.”John Doe

“So, just labeling someone as crazy without challenging the points they brought up passes as political discourse at the mighty poli sci department of Hillsdale these days?”infocyde

“Scores of those ‘fringy’ Birchers , whose biggest crime is sticking up for the Constitution, have something on the chicken-hawk college student writing this silly blog entry – they’ve served their country admirably in the military.”Howling Hurricane

“Ad hominum attacks much?”spinnikerca

“I am not a 9-11 truther but I don’t have a big problem with those who question government and demand more answers from government. As Glenn Beck would say, question with boldness. Just not 9-11! That’s because, unlike you and him, I am for liberty and freedom in all instances…The elitism card can only work for so long and at some point you neoconservatives will have to articulate where and why I’m wrong or else people will start to suspect you can’t.”fatlibertarian

“Basically, gays can ride the bus, they just cant sit in the front. As you might say, “gotcha”. Try and twist yourself out of that pretzel, you thoughtless hypocritical carrier pigeon for hate.”Joshua from NJ

“If ever I needed proof positive that you are motivated by contempt for gay persons, you have just provided me with that proof — without as much as a hint of a fig-leaf of covering rhetoric.”Phillip Chandler

“Almost embarrassed??? That’s funny Cal, after the stuff you buy into and attemp to defend , I would say you’re not capable of embarrassment . Do all Repu….er ..uh …conservatives share your views ?”badaboo

“It’s self evident Calvin , take off your political blinders , and if you still can’t see this for what it is …well , that’s not my fault . That’s on you pal.”eyes wide open

“Love to see the Euphrates run red with Muslim blood don’t ya? Everything you guys spew is anti-Palestinian.”Jacob

“If you don’t ever encounter difficulty articulating or defending your views, then that may mean that your views are predictable and derivative: They apparently present no challenge to you.”CK MacLeod

“How sad that Calvin didn’t learn even the tiniest bit of logic and critical thinking allegedly taught at Hillsdale.”Debbie Schlussel

Start your day right with hateful, ignorant analysis from your favorite knuckle-dragging, pro-gay/anti-gay war monger!  Calvin Freiburger Online: shouldn’t you be reading?

(For more fun, check out Part 1 and Part 2!)


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