Introducing the Official CFO Store! (UPDATED)

The Conservative Armory: The Official CFO Store

Finally! All the intolerant, judgmental, right-wing wit and wisdom you’ve come to know and love from this blog is now available in pithy, wearable form! With tea parties and town halls popping up all over the place, it must be tough for poor Janet Napolitano to keep tabs on so many extremists. Why not help her out by proudly wearing your conservative views for all to see? It’s the compassionate thing to do!

Right now the store has a healthy mix of conservative, pro-life, historical, and anti-Obama t-shirts, plus one of the Web’s finest (and, near as I can tell, only) selections of anti-Ron Paul gear.  I’ll be adding new designs as I think of ’em, so be sure to check back regularly!

UPDATE: I set the products to “Private” while I make some adjustments.  It’ll be back up soon.


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