Rave Reviews 2!

It’s back, by popular demand! (And by “popular demand,” I mean “I felt like it.”)

“I know young Mr. Freiburger considers himself to ba a Christian; I wonder: what part of ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ doesn’t he understand?” – Closet-Commie

“… you are an angry man!”naturboy

“Freiberger is a perfect example of what’s wrong with this country and why it is becoming ungovernable.”lisleil

“I do, however, find it disturbing when someone of that age simply repeats the tripe dished up on right wing radio.”radioguy2

“This rant is nothing more than bitching by the right over Obama being elected!!”geekyandwhatnot

“The same old ‘cut and paste’ rhetorical blather isn’t worth the time and effort necessary to conduct a ‘direct discussion’. However, it’s important to me that guys like Calvin know that I’m taking the time to read the work of others being passed off as his own.”Marvin49

“…speculative drivel and unfounded conjecture…”Justinfdl

“Just keep barking at your fellow citizens like a good little puppy and completely ignore the oligarchs screwing us all over.”M_miller_t

“Wow, bigoted much?”Michelle

“I need to ask if Calvin’s relatives own the Reporter? Is there any other reason they would continue to print this gibberish?”FDL54935

“Bat s*** crazy seems to be an understatement when describing you…would you even recognize sanity, conscience, or even integrity if you saw it?  I doubt it.”Chris Liebenthal

“Using fallacies for the purpose of making a point just makes you pathetic at what you do.”Oscar M

“You people See a Black face and automatically assume, Democrat!!!!!”Houston

“I do not have much respect for your standards of evidence or with what has and has not been proved to you.”Alonzo Fyfe

“Mr. Freiburg along with much of the right simply do not believe in equality and justice for all.”kalebgage

“I’m wondering if he honestly doesn’t see himself implementing the very tactics that he criticizes on the political left. I also wonder why he won’t concede a single point.”Gerald

“…the Neo-Cons like this blogger and their platform has been proven a complete failure…”Gmartine

“Partisan sniping without any actual evidence.”Anonymous

“You are losing. You are wrong and your are ‘Nuts.’”Derrick Gaskin

“Oh!! It’s so much fun laughing at you pious little war warmongers. Your little shrieks are becoming more and more ridiculous as each day passes.”Sex Panther

“Hello, Dr. Freiburger. Your astute knowledge of Psychology must be astounding to deduce and diagnose such a mental ailment from merely reading one comment in a blog post. Unless, that is, you’re practicing without a license, are you? I can understand it’s mush easier to label people then correct their error with reason, logic, and/or facts.” Professor MacNamarra

“Back to the television my sheepish friend, I hear that they’ve found some new meadows for you to graze upon.”Dan N

“Having read this entire thread, the concept that you think you are not only intelligent but funny as well is the most entertaining post for me by far.”Devon

“Your opinions in this thread are simply not supported by anything other than your own myopic world view. How dare you attribute some simplistic slipshod approach to me. You do not know me…You basically just stuck your tongue out at me and said ‘Now you really done it! You’re stupid for thinking that’. Tell us why!”Todd Owens

“You are a sad person and we all thank you for showing your true character…oops, lack of character. Now go back to sleep….sleep…sleep my friend. Just do as you are told and believe as we tell you to believe and go back to sleep.”Marvin K Johnson

“…if you’re going to write a slanderous piece on Dr. Paul, you better watch out because it’s going to get ugly and his supporters won’t back down.”Mike

“Calvin Freiburger does exactly what he purports to disdain, and that is too stick dogmatically to his simplistic beliefs about how the world works, then congratulates himself for being so objective.”Thinkingman

Calvin Freiburger Online: Shouldn’t you be reading?


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