Please Don’t Make Me Illegal!

Our old friend Jay Morris was never the sharpest knife in the rack, but his latest “Stupid Things People Say about Gays”…well, it redefines stupid.  It’s hard to take seriously someone who shows no concern whatsoever for hatred in the name of one’s own cause, and his rhetoric about making people illegal betrays either a lack of the most rudimentary understanding of individual rights, constitutional theory, or marriage policy, or (more likely) the fact that he’s apt to simply disregard reality and honest discourse for propaganda purposes.  After all, “Give me joint fishing licenses or give me death!” isn’t much of a rallying cry…

*snort* Sure, Jay.  You’re gonna *chuckle* “fight tooth and nail to prevent laws against [my] pursuit of happiness.”  ‘Cuz you’re such an objective, principled guy…


4 thoughts on “Please Don’t Make Me Illegal!

  1. Wow, bigoted much? There’s a name for people suffering from your personality disorder, you know: Right Wing Authoritarianism. Look it up.


  2. Thanks for proving my point about the Left’s hatemongering, Michelle! If you’d like to offer a substantive policy argument against same-sex marriage, you’re welcome to do so. If you sincerely believe anything I’ve said somehow constitutes bigotry (or, even more laughable, authoritarianism), please make a logical case for that assessment – I’d be happy to address it. But if all you’ve got is ad hominem, kindly stuff it.


  3. If becoming angry at years of abuse at the hand of anti-gay people and groups makes me a hatemonger, then so be it.

    And how is your statement “…well, it redefines stupid.” any less of an ad hominem attack?

    It’s not the simple fact that you are attacking Jay for making fun of the following comment directed toward the gay community:

    “She [Carrie Prejean] simply disagrees with one of the most vengeful, hateful segments of our population. This is not her story, it’s about how hypocritical the extreme left and gay population are. Their relentless attacks are totally despicable.”

    which, quite frankly begs to be made fun of – it’s the general tone of superiority and disdain in your writing overall – I took the opportunity to check a few other of your pieces. As far as I can tell, you have no grounds for accusing others of hatred.

    Or as that book you’re so familiar with states: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”


  4. It’s not anger over bigotry that makes you a hatemonger, it’s the fact that you just engaged in bigotry of your own that does (i.e., calling me a bigot without evidence).

    Sorry, but claiming false characterizations of my past work is no substitute for substantiating your false characterization of this post.

    Ad hominem, in its common derogatory usage, is typically used to denote an insult made without an attempt to back it up. Calling Jay’s stupid commentary “stupid” is legit, since I do back it up – as I said, he doesn’t seem to care about hatred committed in gay marriage’s name, and his inane suggestion that social conservatives somehow want to make gay people illegal is beyond parody.

    Contrary to whatever you may have seen through whatever vision filters you read my stuff through, I don’t think of myself as a particularly superior guy. In fact, I think if you actually tried to engage me in a sincere, good-faith debate about something, you might be pleasantly surprised by my patience and civility. But that doesn’t mean I feel any obligation to give undue respect to failed ideas, dishonest arguments, or unscrupulous people.


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