Start the Indoctrination Young

Why Mommy Is a Democrat by Jeremy Zilber “depicts the Democratic principles of fairness, tolerance, peace, and concern for the well-being of others” in “plain and nonjudgmental [of course] language.” You know, just in case your kids happen to attend some theocon backwater school where the condom training doesn’t start until, say, sixth grade.

A highlight? “Democrats make sure we all share our toys, just like Mommy does.” A little too honest for its own good, perhaps?

I do wonder, though, how one would adapt some of the thornier issues of liberalism for a children’s book:

Abortion – “Mommy, where’s my little brother that was in your tummy?”

Wealth redistribution – “But I made the lemonade stand all by myself! Why does he get the money?”

Affirmative action – “Timmy, you just won’t be able to do as well as your white friends in school.”

2 thoughts on “Start the Indoctrination Young

  1. Hey, at least those “thorny” issues aren’t as bad as what we’re dealing with now? “Mommy, if the VP can shoot his pal in the face, why can’t I?” “Daddy, since the first lady can cover up her vehicular manslaughter record of killing her ex-boyfriend, can I borrow the car keys?” “Hey, Billy, watch me do a line of coke just like the prez used to do!” “Aw, Dad — it’s just a little harmless IM, just like Foley’s.” “Mommy, where’s my older brother and his 3,000 friends who signed up to fight the war on terror but got sent to a country that wasn’t even involved in the 9/11 attacks?” Yeah, I agree — we should be worrying about that lemonade tax…


  2. Cheney’s hunting accident – what’s your point, that it shows the Right is pro-shooting people? Come on.(Incidentally, that wasn’t an uncommon occurance among hunters: exactly did Laura Bush cover up her decades-old car accident? And do you have a source MORE CREDIBLE than Kitty Kelly on Bush’s supposed cocaine use?I do think the House GOP leadership dropped the ball on Foley, but as soon as it came out, he was gone.You do reaize that the White House NEVER CLAIMED that Iraq was behind 9/11, right?Most of what you cite (when factually-accurate, at least) are failings of individual Republicans. Nobody denies that every group has bad individuals, or that most decent people have done bad things in the past. “Every saint has a past & every sinner a future,” as they say.But my examples were concepts the Left ACTIVELY PROMOTES. Even assuming you had every fact 100% right in your post (which you don’t), NONE of them come even close to the fact that the Left favors the premeditated slaughter of defenseless preborn children. If that’s not thorny, I don’t know what is.


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