Alan Colmes Makes Me Sick

He just said that Iran (you know, the guys who kidnapped a group of British sailors) doesn’t want a conflict because their rhetoric is “softening.” So lemme get this straight: As long as they talk nice while they’re committing flagrant acts of aggression, it counts as a net decrease rather than an escalation?
Reminds me of the scene in Mars Attacks where the Martians announce “Don’t worry; we are your friends!” as they’re shooting everything in sight. Except, of course, then the Left presumably knew it was a joke.

One thought on “Alan Colmes Makes Me Sick

  1. I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!!!!!!!Sorry…don’t mean to shout….but I almost spit out my milk when I read this…..was wondering if someone out there would think the exact same thing I did…..and YOU pegged it Calvin….Mars Attacks, while not one of my favorite movies, is up there as one of my favorite watchable movies if I need a chuckle sometime 🙂


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