New at Live Action: Planned Parenthood Doc Says Miscarried Babies “Were Never Alive”

Planned Parenthood’s preferred strategy in its campaign to dehumanize its victims is to simply pretend they aren’t there by talking as if women are the sole interested party in abortion. When that fails, the abortion giant’s fallback is attempting to pretend there’s simply no consensus about when life begins. And when that fails, Planned Parenthood has to get… creative.

Enter an editorial in Kentucky’s Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper by Dr. David Nash, who serves on the boards of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and the ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project, in response to an earlier pro-life editorial by Dr. A. Patrick Schneider.

It attempts to discredit pro-lifers by explaining what “science really says” about personhood, but the only question it raises is: do they really let just anyone put an MD after his name these days?

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New at Live Action: The Most Blatant Pro-Abortion False Advertising Yet

Over the years, we’ve debunked abortion apologists’ lies, oversimplifications, facts taken out of context, and logical fallacies, but I don’t think we’ve ever had a case of false advertising as blatant as this.

At RH Reality Check, Amy Littlefield has an article entitled, “The Day I Learned Aborted Fetuses Aren’t People”… which at no point presents any facts, arguments, or experiences from which a rational reader could plausibly conclude that fetuses are not, in fact, people.

A bold claim, I know. But read it for yourself…

But fetuses are not people. I remember the day I decided that for sure.

Good. A direct, unambiguous statement of your thesis. Surely a substantive argument is to follow…

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