What a Party….

The ever-insightful Frank J offers up the following metaphor for the sorry condition of the GOP these days:

I guess the Republicans are like a self-destructive alcoholic, and the Democrats are enablers by sucking so badly that the Republicans don’t have to strive to be any better. Now, a party that is an abusive drunk would actually be kinda cool if it took out all its inebriated rage on foreign countries, but the Republican Party is more of a quiet drunk, sitting in the corner mumbling while wasting all its money on booze.

Fred Fakes

Liberalism comes in many shapes—most of them putrid—but occasionally one comes across a lefty endeavor so stupid, so unconvincing and so pathetic that you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor saps who conjured it up.

Welcome to the
Fred Thompson Forum, a website that, on the surface, appears to be a forum for Fred Fans to talk up & about their candidate. But after an approximately 5-second investigation, it’s clearly anything but.

Here’s how
Frank J. describes it:

There seems to be a bunch of posters pretending to be ignorant “neocons” who support Fred Thompson (with over the top names like I LOVE HANNITY and Neocon4Fred), while links and facts to Ron Paul are casually put into the discussion and his supporters are made to seem sane in comparison. The biggest tell is that’s theres a poll up about whether Fred Thompson can beat Ron Paul, and Fred Thompson is losing — on a supposed Fred Thompson fan site.

Plus, the reader who alerted me to this said he actually had all his sane posts about Fred Thompson removed. So the whole point of the site is to make Fred Thompson supporters look stupid while pushing them to Ron Paul… except I doubt anyone who isn’t already a Ron Paul supporter is dumb enough to fall for it.

Then again, this is actually one of the more clever things those weenies have done — certainly more clever than the poll spamming. It’s like a dog figuring out how to work a doorknob. Any toddler can do it, but, for a dog… wow.

Too funny…

Top 10 Ways President Bush Can Further Alienate His Base

At this point, never say never:

10. Publicly make out with Nancy Pelosi.
9. Not listen to anyone unless they speak in Spanish.
8. At his next meeting with generals, start shouting, “No blood for oil!”
7. Endorse Ron Paul.
6. Demand a new investigation into 9/11 to find out if he knew about it before it happened.
5. Become a coyote.
4. Start writing diaries on The Daily Kos.
3. Publicly make out with Ted Kennedy.
2. Convert to Islam.

And the number one way President Bush can further alienate his base…

Have Dick Cheney resign and appoint a new VP: Harriet Miers.