It Begins: Republicans Running Away from Marriage

Speaking of Republicans being their own worst enemies

Needless to say, I couldn’t agree less with Doug Mataconis and the Republican leaders to which he refers:

Certainly, there are areas of the country where taking a strong stand on gay marriage won’t hurt, and very likely could help, a Republican candidate. For the most part, though, it’s fairly clear that this year’s electorate is focusing on the economy and jobs, not whether or not the two guys in Apartment 3B can get a marriage license or not. If the GOP is smart, which is I admit an unanswered question, they’ll keep quiet on this and let the case make it’s way through the Courts.

Problem Number One: I don’t think this is a losing issue. Though the poll numbers are narrowing, many still show majorities opposed to redefining marriage. And as I said yesterday, 4/5 of the states have marriage protection legislation either on the books or in their constitutions. And this is all with national Republicans virtually silent on the issue. (And it’s not for nothing that Barack Obama won’t endorse same-sex marriage…) Especially considering the fact that the political winds are turning against the idea of the elite few telling states what to do, it’s high time our leaders tried their hand at, well, leading public opinion instead of following it for a change.

Problem Number Two: The post is all about strategy; no mention is made of principle. If Proposition 8 is an judicial affront to the rule of law, and if redefining marriage is fundamentally wrong, isn’t it worth some degree of political risk to say so? Doesn’t our political parties owe anything to the public good?


2 thoughts on “It Begins: Republicans Running Away from Marriage

  1. In an ideal world, you are correct; principle should be the most important thing. Problem is, the Left will beat you to death with your principles. They own the media. And they have no shame and no principles of their own save getting and holding onto power. Realistically,to get elected, Conservatives have to run on hard economic Conservatism. It's strategery, politics and realism. I wish it were different…it's not.


  2. I don't have a problem with GOP candidates talking about economics more than other issues, but if we put too much stock in what the Left's gonna say about us, we cede to them the ability to define the parameters of legit discussion – and they aren't about to stop at social issues.


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