Hey Conservatives!

Mark “the Great One” Levin agrees with me that conservatives have a duty to rally around Mitt Romney:

Why recite this record? Well, if conservatives don’t act now to stop McCain, he will become the Republican nominee and he will lose the general election. He is simply flawed on too many levels. He is a Republican Hillary Clinton in many ways…Let’s face it, none of the candidates are perfect. They never are. But McCain is the least perfect of the viable candidates. The only one left standing who can honestly be said to share most of our conservative principles is Mitt Romney. I say this as someone who has not been an active Romney supporter. If conservatives don’t unite behind Romney at this stage, and become vocal in their support for him, then they will get McCain as their Republican nominee and probably a Democrat president. And in either case, we will have a deeply flawed president.

5 thoughts on “Hey Conservatives!

  1. There should be a ‘Conservatives for Mitt’ site. Since the Republican party has actually left us out, a good chunk of us aren’t claiming them.


  2. Obviously, this was written for conservatives, about conservatives. If the goal is to get a conservative platform, then rallying to Romney against McCain is how you’d achieve that goal – hence, the right thing, the duty, of conservatives.Now, if I were saying we should blindly accept whatever the party tossed at us, THEN it would be like a religion.


  3. This snide idiocy of yours isn’t substantiated by any of my actual words. This pattern of yours is getting old, adds nothing to the debate, and frankly, I don’t feel like indulging it anymore. Consider this your last published comment on CFO.


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