Conservatism: A Time for Choosing

Senator John McCain is the New York Times’ candidate of choice for obvious reasons: His “overall record is tainted by a marked antipathy towards the free market and individual freedom,” Senator Rick Santorum accuses him of repeatedly obstructing Senate battles over social issues (which, by his own admission, he doesn’t “care about”), he still supports embryo-destructive research, despite continuing advancements in adult stem cells; he has a problematic record on guns, he is an amnesty fundamentalist whose campaign employs such odious figures as Juan Hernandez and Jerry Perenchio, he cannot be trusted to appoint originalist judges (after all, he voted to confirm Ruth Bader Ginsburg), and he adopts the Left’s conventional wisdom on environmental issues. Despite his heroic military service and his commitment to Iraq, his leadership on most other aspects of the War on Terror would be disastrous. He is also a pathological liar who took advantage of a demagogic smear against then-governor George W. Bush in 2000 and has told bald-faced-lies about Governor Mitt Romney this time around.

And he’s the Republican Party’s new frontrunner.

victory in Florida, major momentum going into Connecticut, and leads in both national polls and the delegate count, the Maverick is much stronger than he once appeared, and now stands a very real chance of winning the presidential nomination.

This is not the time for
fence-sitting, desperate fantasies, or bitter detachment from the process. The only conservative left in the race, Mitt Romney (who, in case you missed it, just won the support of major anti-jihadist Walid Phares), may be damaged, but he’s by no means doomed. He can win the nomination if conservatives—this time, all conservatives—unite behind him.

10 thoughts on “Conservatism: A Time for Choosing

  1. You forget McCain had all the momentum in 2000 as well and look what happen then. Even if everyone that voted for Fred had voted for Mitt he still would have lost to McCain. So you can’t blame FredHeads.Now on another note I know your conservative principles are stong so you might want to check this site out:


  2. I’m not bitterly detached, I’m pointing out that the FredHeads don’t take orders and blindly follow. My position is to fight for conservatism in other elections, because conservatism has already lost the presidency. You can deny that if you want to, and if Mitt does get the party nod, I’ll be surprised. But I’m not holding my breath.Do the math: McCain’s surge in popularity, votes, and delegates, his endorsements from more than one candidate who has dropped out of the race, independents moderates and liberals all voting for McCain in open primaries, and Huckabee staying in the race serving no other function than to steal votes that would otherwise go to Romney, and a general public willing to vote for whoever gets the most favorable press leading up to an election.Mitt had the vote lead and the delegate lead, but he’s lost both, and the only primaries he’s won were in the state he grew up (MI) and states with significant Mormon populations (WY and NV), so he’s shown that so far, his organization and money hasn’t been effective outside of where he would have won anyway. Nothing can be done by the grassroots between now and Super Tuesday, so John McCain really has to screw up or Huckabee has to throw all his support completely behind Mitt, otherwise Mitt doesn’t have a prayer.Walid who? Average Voter doesn’t know and doesn’t care.


  3. I can if you guys keep insisting on taking your ball and going home.Thanks for the link; I’ll keep an eye on it.You are free to show me the error of my ways on the previous post whenever you’d like….


  4. Re: Josh,No? Sounded an awful lot like pouting to me.‘Course you’re not into taking orders. Sounds like dishing ‘em out is more your thing, what with “Your crappy candidate needs to grovel before Fred!” and all.“Walid who?” Who said it was an appeal to the average voter? Educated conservatives and bloggers should take note of, and heart in, this vote of confidence from such a serious thinker on the defense of the nation.I know Mitt’s got a tough road ahead—that was sorta the whole point of this appeal—but I refuse to surrender to McCain. We simply cannot afford to let the nomination go without a fight, as long as there’s a chance—any chance.


  5. Honestly Calvin I’m not going to waste my time on it. You are a staunch supporter of Romney and I’m a staunch supporter of Thompson. Nothing either of us says is going to change that. The results in Florida showed how far left the GOP has come when the conservative vote wasn’t needed to win a “closed” primary. That’s what happens by playing the same handbook over and over moving a little more to the left each time. That’s why it goes beyond Fred and goes to the battle for the heart and soul of the party.And take a look at your last sentence about not letting go without a fight – that’s why some of us are still voting for Fred.


  6. The difference is, I still have a candidate. You simply have fantasies that are going to play directly to McCain’s hands.Have fun with them. Meanwhile, I’m going to do something meaningful about the whether or not we have a conservative in the White House.


  7. Josh Schroeder said… “Walid who?”Well, “Walid Who” happen to be a professor in Middle East Studies who has lectured to tens of thousands of citizens, a Professor at National Defense University who teaches to National Security Executives, a Fox news Terrorism Expert and happen also to frequently testify to the US Congress, the European Union and the UN Security Council. Dr Walid “Who” Phares book has made it to the Foreign Affairs top list. And Walid “Who” Phares reaches millions of viewers, listeners and readers from coats to coast. But more important, Walid “Who” Phares is the nation’s top Jihadism analyst. Now, you may like or dislike Romney, or any other candidate, this doesn’t warrant your Walid “Who” thing..And for fun check,,


  8. It would benefit the country if McCain won the nomination (and even better the Presidency) so the party could return to its roots, and the whackjob fringe could wander into the wilderness and latch on to the Constitution party or something.


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