What’s Wrong with Our Schools: Exhibit A

Recently this letter, by a Mr. Glenn Perry, appeared in the FdL Reporter:

I am saddened by the response to a letter about the war written by a 14-year-old girl.

In his response, Mr. Rob Hynek writes about misinformation from other parents and from public education. I take that personally.

I am a teacher in the public education system and the information usually is not incorrect. First of all, the reason we are over there is from misinformation from our president and vice president. Actually, it came from lies, not just misinformation.

Secondly, in case you did not learn this in school, the problems in the Middle East have been going on for hundreds of years and there is nothing we are going to do to fix it. You cannot change people that do not want to be changed.

Third, as for Congress cutting funding, they have tried twice to no avail from scared Republicans and the president.

Fourth, if this war is actually to keep us free over here, then why is it that the politicians that believe so strongly about it and call the men and women who are dying over there heroes (which in fact they are) would not be willing to send their own children to fight for our freedom?

Here are some real facts. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Vice President Cheney asked Allen Greenspan not to talk about the oil crunch if the war took place. And most of all, our president and vice president knowingly stepped up and lied to our faces about what they actually knew was or was not over there — and then tried to make others look bad because they tried to get the truth out before and after.

These are the facts, and no matter how you try to cover them up, the truth will always come out.
In today’s paper, I responded with this:

Teacher Glenn Perry is “personally” offended by Rob Hynek’s charge that schools feed our kids misinformation. He then proves Mr. Hynek correct by rattling off ignorant, simpleminded inanities about the Iraq War—the President knowingly lied, no WMDs, blah blah blah. Curiously for an educator, he also displays an apparent desire to see politicians with which he disagrees “send their own children” to war. To state the obvious, nobody “sends” their children into an all-volunteer military.

These horses have been beaten to death (I’m starting to feel like a broken record debunking the same lies over & over again whenever liberals tell them), and serious observers already know Mr. Perry & his ilk are all wet. The education angle, though, is worth delving into. He wants us to believe we’ve nothing to fear from our schools, yet instead of talking about education, he spends most of his letter ranting about Iraq—proving that, yes Virginia, we do indeed have something to fear from our schools.

As a 2006 Fond du Lac High School graduate, I was blessed to have many outstanding teachers. But I also encountered some teachers who were precisely the kind of liberal fanatics Rob Hynek warns us about, hyper-partisans for whom the Left matters more than the students.

People of Fond du Lac County, Glenn Perry and others like him are teaching your kids. Keep that in mind next time your School Board asks for your trust and support.
UPDATE: Props to Keith Hellwig for taking on indoctrination, as well.

7 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Our Schools: Exhibit A

  1. Umm JD Hayworth? That’s your profile pic? Battling the forces of liberalism (when not playing video games that is), yet your profile pic is with a criminal? Well done, you are well on your way to a long and fulfilling career in the Republican party!


  2. Everything the teacher said was fairly factual and all you did was attack someone for their morals and ideals with none to show for yourself. It is telling that you are a recent product of a defunct and pathetic school system being dumbed down systematically. Good teachers are leaving in droves, so don’t worry, you’ll have all brain dead educators soon enough and we won’t have any of that liberal thinking going on for long.PS The liberals have been right about everything so far. The fabrications for getting into this occupation and susequent theft of their land, how long it would take, the amopunt of resistance to expect, the amount of people to send, the way to treat our soldiers on and off the battlefield, the constant corruption and lies that keep being told to us for continuation of this occupation, the refugees, the blow back, the resentment from the rest of the world, I could go on all day. But you stay in your safe foam-walled reality if it makes you feel better. You will never have the right not to be offended, especially since, morally, you’re fighting against the good people in this world.


  3. BoE, I appreciate JD Hayworth because I’ve observed him to be a passionate spokesman for conservative principles, and he showed a penchant for straight talk & principle rare among Capitol Hill Republicans. I assume by calling him a criminal you refer to the fact that he got money from Jack Abramoff (so did Harry Reid, if memory serves…). Lots of people did, and getting donations from someone who happened to be a crook doesn’t make Hayworth a criminal. If you have more specific, reputable information that makes Hayworth a criminal, send it along.Anonymous, why would I care about impulsive, sophomoric, grammatically-shoddy blather posted on some chat forum by Internet clowns? Laugh to your hearts’ content, fellas; I see nothing on your site worth my time (but, of course, if you have a SUBSTANTIVE objection you’d like to MATURELY pose here, you’re more than welcome). And I am proud of what I do—it’s certainly above those who hurl invective at others behind veils of anonymity.Mike, you must be a twit. Do you have a narrow brain cavity? (By the way, if any gay people happen to be reading this, do you ever notice how often liberals employ homophobia?) James H, are you referring to Torque420’s comment that “I cant believe that this kid also calle dhte cops to report street racing in his neighborhood”? If so, then you have me confused with someone else. Space Poet, I’ve never confined myself to “safe foam-walled reality,” and I never will. I have never claimed “the right not to be offended,” and while there may very well be many, many “good people in this world” who disagree with me, they’re few & far between on Fark.com. And why haven’t I enlisted? See here: http://rightcal.blogspot.com/2007/04/moonbats-and-military-service.html.


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