Disaster Averted

Rosie O’Donnell won’t be the successor to Bob Barker after all. We won’t be hearing any “You could win this brand new stove, whose fire incidentally can’t melt steel…”

Actually, I don’t really care that much if they want to wreck The Price is Right. The occasional fix of old & new game shows on
GSN is enough that if they want to experiment with Rosie the Unhinged, I say go for it.

6 thoughts on “Disaster Averted

  1. But but but…Bob Barker is an ICON! Ya don’t want Reviling Rosie stepping in those shoes…do ya? 🙂 Aw, ya aren’t old enough to have been MADE to watch that show. I hated it! LOL Of course, back in the stone age, there were only 3 stations, so the choice was severly limited.


  2. LOL. I actually do have fond memories of Price is Right, but with plenty of reruns & all, and considering that Bob won’t be there either way, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Rosie decision blow up in Hollywood’s face.


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