Why Democrats Can’t Be Trusted to Protect You

The laundry list keeps growing…

Pelosi Shills for Syrian Despot

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi recently met with Syrian President Bashar Assad, and is wasting no time in parroting his line: “We were very pleased with the assurances we received from the president that he was ready to resume the peace process. He’s ready to engage in negotiations for peace with Israel.” And by the way, the trip is
legal grounding for Pelosi’s impeachment (or, if the Bush Administration had threatened to stop her, even imprisonment). Not that our current crop of “leaders” will stand up to her.

House Dems Vote to Allow Intimidation of US Citizens in Favor of Muslim Pressure Groups

In response to the
lying imams’ desired lawsuit against the terrified passengers who reported their suspicious conduct, Rep. Peter King offered a proposal to protect those who report potential terrorist activity from legal action. Though it passed the House, more than half of the Democrats voted against it—and surely there are more than a few liberals waiting to follow suit once it gets to the Senate.

Outrageous, yet all-too common these days.

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