Good News!

Things are looking better for my man Mitt in Zogby’s latest New Hampshire poll. If he keeps up with solid interviews like last night’s sit-down with Hannity, and ads that tackle the rest of his positions with the same sharp, gung-ho attitude displayed in this one, we just might save this party from itself.

6 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. That’s completely new to me; everywhere I’ve seen, he’s been hammering that if we leave too early, we’ll eventually have to come back later on – and the fight will only be bloodier.


  2. Could be a cause for concern, but…1.) As classified information, terrorists couldn’t make plans based on them, or wait us out.2.) Seems to me that this doesn’t say that if benchmarks aren’t met, we’re just gonna up and leave.The entire problem with the Left’s timetables is that they’re public for all to see, and that there’s no leeway for any strategy change other than run away (as opposed to rethinking #s, generals, etc.). I don’t think that’s the case here.


  3. Nothing remains secret in D.C. anymore. Someone will always leak it to the Times, who of course, will promptly let the bad guys know. sigh…It’s the whole time table nonsense that disturbs me. I can’t imagine anyone telling Roosevelt we had to leave WWII by a certain date, secret or not. :/


  4. But that’s the thing – I don’t think this story says that leaving is the only option if things don’t work out within timeframes or certain goals aren’t met.


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