New at Live Action: Sanders Says He’ll Use Justice Department “To Go After” State Pro-Life Laws

In a bid to counteract Hillary Clinton’s narrative that she’s the one true pro-abortion candidate, Vermont Senator and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has offered his most aggressive promise to abortion fans yet.

On Monday, he essentially told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that he would use the power of the presidency to disenfranchise pro-life voters at the state level…

[I]t is no secret that in states all over this country, in a dozen different ways, there are governors and legislatures who are trying to make it impossible for a woman to control her own body. I will use the Department of Justice to go after those states in every way that I legally can. I believe that in the United States of America women have that right to control their own body[.]

I find that, I must say, completely hypocritical for my Republican colleagues who tell us every day how much they hate government, how they want to get government out of our life, but they think that local state and federal government have the right to tell you and every woman in America what she can do with her body. That is hypocrisy.

The second part of that statement is a cheap attack Sanders has hurled repeatedly throughout the campaign, but while it might amuse his groupies jonesing for a quick hit of smug superiority, all it really does is display the shallowness of his arguments on the issue.

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New at Live Action: Raw Story Hypes Planned Parenthood Employee’s Profanity-Laden Rant

Without accurate facts and superior reasoning to vindicate their position, the pro-abortion media often finds itself having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for morale boosts.

On Friday, Raw Story’s Tom Boggioni provided a golden example of the phenomenon by gushing over how “awesome” it was to read a Portland, Oregon Planned Parenthood employee known only as Damien “smack down” pro-lifers in a Tumblr post (Tumblr sign-up required to read) and follow-up to critics supposedly illustrating the critical importance of the abortion giant’s work.

For those keeping score, profanity-laden rants that coddle pro-abortion biases and ignoring news stories that undermine the preferred narrative meet Raw Story’s definition of awesome; fact-checking reports before publishing them and accurately characterizing articles you’re criticizing do not.

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New at Live Action: Pro-Aborts Freak Out After O’Reilly Hits “Health” Loophole for Abortion

Bill O’Reilly’s done it again. Pro-abortion bloggers are suffering conniptions over the Fox News host’s statements in the below segment the other night:


O’REILLY: If you are going to say that the two Democrats running for president both favor pretty much abortion at any time, for any reason, and they hide behind the women’s health issue, but that could be a migraine headache, you know. OK, I don’t want to have the kid, my boyfriend left me, my husband left me, whatever it may be, I got a migraine, kid is going to be born next week.

KIRSTEN POWERS: I don’t think that many people get abortions because they have a migraine headache.

O’REILLY: It doesn’t matter. It’s theoretical. When you have two candidates saying they don’t want any limitations, alright, in the law place, alright, they don’t want any. And that can happen. We know it happened in Kansas, did that big investigation on Tiller, you know it happened there. And so that’s so radical and so far away from what the American people want that that’s just one example.

Media Matters ran with it. Raw Story’s Arturo Garcia characterized O’Reilly as saying women will “make up migraines.” Ellen at Crooks and Liars said it displayed O’Reilly’s “naked hatred for women.” Megan C at Left Wing Nation asks, “Where’s the straight-jacket for this guy?” Fusion’s Taryn Hillin wails that he insinuated “women are somehow cavalier, weak, or lazy for choosing not to have a baby.” Joe Clark at If You Only News calls it a “sexist asinine abortion argument” that “will make you want to vomit.” And Sydney Robinson at The Ring of Fire oh-so-cleverly called him a “big pig” spewing “hatred and bigotry.”

That’s an awful lot of hyperbole when “we don’t understand the subject matter” would have gotten the point across just fine.

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