New at Live Action: Pure Evil of Pro-Abortion Spin in TN Murder Case

From Tennessee comes the sickening story of a 31-year-old woman, Anna Yocca, who faces attempted murder charges for trying to abort her 23-week-old preborn child with a coat hanger. The baby survived – due solely to fears for her own health that led her to go to an emergency room – but he sustained lung, eye, and heart damage that will require medical support for the rest of his life, plus additional health problems that will arise as he grows up.

A mother’s selfish attempt to crudely kill her own son directly caused an innocent child to suffer grievous injuries that will plague him for the rest of his life. We don’t know exactly how debilitating his conditions will be, but at the very least pain and limitations will loom over a childhood that should have been filled with love, laughter, learning, and playing, thanks to the very person who was supposed to comfort and protect him.

So who does the abortion cult have sympathy for? The perpetrator, of course.

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New at Live Action: Kansas Ex-AG Phil Kline Returns to Bring Pro-Abortion Persecutors to Justice

Remember Phill Kline, the pro-life former Attorney General of Kansas who was persecuted and eventually stripped of his law license for his efforts to bring Planned Parenthood to justice? He’s back with a vengeance, filing a lawsuit against the perpetrators of the witch hunt in the hopes of returning to law practice…

Today, Phill Kline is announcing that he is seeking justice in a separate lawsuit that accuses multiple layers of the judicial system of conspiracy, withholding evidence, and punishing Kline for violating laws ex post facto.

“Because of the many procedural violations and novelties that occurred during the court of Mr. Kline’s disciplinary proceedings, he was denied a full and fair opportunity to be heard,” his legal complaint says.

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