Does David Frum Make His Writers Fulfill a Lie Quota or Something? (UPDATED)

At ScumForum, John Guardiano has another condescending lecture about how conservatives need to stop being mean to Islam. David Swindle responded to John’s previous effort last week, and overall it suffices as a rebuttal to this one too; go read it.

One detail in particular caught my eye:

National Review’s Andrew McCarthy suggests we might have to reconsider whether the First Amendment ought even to apply to Muslims. After all, he argues, “intolerance is not just part of al-Qaeda; it is part of Islam.”

Woah! A prominent anti-terror conservative advocating a repeal of American Muslims’ First Amendment rights?  Man, if that’s true, National Review ought to fire McCarthy on the spot.

Oh, wait. It’s not true.

In the article Guardiano links, McCarthy makes no mention of the First Amendment at all, much less calls for exempting Muslims from its protections. In fact, McCarthy says:

No one credibly questions the legal right of Muslim landowners to use their property in any lawful fashion. Legality is an irrelevant issue, even if the back-tracking Obama now wants to pretend it is the only one he was really talking about on Friday night. The question here is propriety.

In other words, Guardiano’s lying. Not a shocker – that sort of thing is standard operating procedure at FrumForum.

UPDATE: Guardiano tweets that he’s not lying “at all,” and that details to come later. I look forward to whatever details he’s got, but if McCarthy really did say somewhere that the First Amendment shouldn’t apply to Muslims (a couple of quick Google searches sure haven’t come up with anything, and I have to imagine the Left would be shouting it from the rooftops if it were true), then Guardiano has no excuse for not elaborating or linking to it in the original piece. Basic morality and professionalism should keep people from leveling explosive charges against people if they’re not accompanied by evidence. Guardiano only linked to one example of McCarthy’s words – in which McCarthy expressed the exact opposite of the sentiments attributed to him.

At least John spelled my name right this time. I hear he’s particular about that sort of thing.

The Ground Zero Mosque Controversy Isn’t About "Wisdom"

There’s one point about Barack Obama’s equivocating on the Ground Zero mosque I haven’t heard anyone make: by proclaiming that he won’t opine on the “wisdom” of building the mosque, he’s disingenuously suggesting the mosque’s organizers are simply well-meaning folks who don’t know what the big deal is. That, of course, ignores the known extremism of Feisal Abdul Rauf.

Rauf isn’t “unwise.” He knows exactly what he’s doing: marking a site of Islamic victory. And our president either can’t be bothered to familiarize himself with the facts of situations before opining, or he simply doesn’t care. Neither is the mark of a leader.