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You’ve gotta be kidding me: someone’s turning Maureen Dowd into a sexed-up action heroine in a new comic book? It’s so absurd that it would be hilarious…if not for the fact that the plot is yet another way in which entertainment outlets are injecting a false narrative of the Valerie Plame saga into the national consciousness. Historical revisionism is no laughing matter.

First Geraldo Rivera revealed how “open-minded” he was about what “really” happened on 9/11, and now losertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano has joined the Truther brigade. It’s way past time for Fox News to can both these clowns.

Comedy great Leslie Nielsen, dead at 84. I plan to take some time this weekend to watch Airplane! in his memory; I’d encourage all of you to do the same.

Donald Douglas slaps around a richly-deserving losertarian blogger.

Neil reminds us that ethanol is a dud.

And this Thanksgiving, I’m really, really thankful for a little wonder-virus called Stuxnet.

Calling All Bloggers! Slime Alert!

It’s no secret that sniveling amnesty thug Geraldo Rivera is a cheap demagogue, but now he’s reached a new low. In a recent Boston Globe profile, Rivera simply can’t control his hatred of the “vile” Michelle Malkin (pot, meet kettle): “It’s good she’s in DC and I’m in New York. I’d spit on her if I saw her.”

It’s kinda amusing to see Geraldo reduced to such childishness because
he can’t handle someone who stands up to him, but there’s nothing funny about the fact that Bill O’Reilly & Sean Hannity give tacit legitimacy to this pig by treating him like a friend on their TV shows. Both pundits are on record against recklessness & vitriol in the public discourse, and both consider Michelle a friend, so which one of them is going to stand up for her next time Rivera’s on their show? Which one is going to tell Rivera to his face that he’s crossed one line of decency too many? Is Fox News Channel going to put up with one of their personalities publicly expressing desires to spit on women?

Fellow bloggers (and all observers of conscience), let’s find out.
Here are the email addresses for Fox News and their personalities. Let FNC know you think Geraldo reflects horribly on the channel, and ask O’Reilly & Hannity if they intend to do the right thing. You never know what might happen if enough people let their voices be heard.
UPDATE: Upon challenge from O’Reilly, Geraldo has apologized. I’m glad to see it, but Geraldo still has a lot of vicious immigration-related hyperbole to answer for before he ought to be taken seriously again. And where’s Hannity?