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Two opinions on the state Court race today. First, Senator Glenn Grothman weighs in:

The election for Supreme Court on Tuesday is one of the most important in years.

Governors serve for four years, state legislators for two or four, but Supreme Court justices serve for 10 years. As courts become more activist, they can do more harm to our business climate than government bureaucrats. They can order government to spend more money and drive up taxes.

Little old Wisconsin has attracted national interest in the Wall Street Journal for having one of the worst Supreme Courts in the nation.

I’ve known Judge Annette Ziegler for 10 years and am confident she will stand up for justice against the activist wing of the court. Her opponent is being supported by the same Madison trial attorneys who have created the current mess.

Please join me in voting for Annette Ziegler.

Why would Clifford continue the activist mess? Maybe it has something to do with
this story…or this one

And in this corner, we have Ted & Hedy Eischeid:

We have watched the current State Supreme Court race between Linda Clifford and Annette Ziegler with some interest.

Such non-partisan races can be tough ones for voters trying to make the best choice. In addition, several interest groups are running ads for both candidates that simply make the choice more confusing.

However, there is one standard that decides who we will vote for and that is integrity. Judicial candidates can’t speak about how they will vote on future cases, but we as voters can look at their records and decide which of the candidates will be a fair judge who will decide cases with intelligence and integrity.

Given this perspective, we will be voting for Linda Clifford. Mrs. Clifford has an outstanding legal record, one of integrity and intelligence. Unfortunately, her opponent, Annette Ziegler, has clearly violated the Judicial Code of Conduct multiple times.

If Judge Ziegler can’t follow a simple ethical code expected of all judges, how can she fairly hear cases brought before the highest court in the state? We don’t care how much experience she has as a judge — flawed ethical behavior as a judge equals a flawed judge. Judge Ziegler’s version of integrity simply doesn’t pass the smell test.

Based on this critical issue of integrity, we will be voting for Linda Clifford on April 3. For the State Supreme Court, integrity does matter. Vote for a breath of fresh air on Tuesday.

OK, class, what’s missing in this letter? Anyone? If your guess was “What ethical violations?” you’re correct!

For more information on the scandals of the race, check out
this article from Fact Check, which says that while “The investigation by the Wisconsin Judicial Commission may clear that up, albeit after the election,” there’s currently “no evidence that the Zieglers got any financial benefit from her rulings.”

Quote of the Day

“It seems pretty clear that Clifford believes that the role of a judge is to do pretty much whatever she wants. She should be immune from the other branches of government and even from rulings from other courts. This woman doesn’t want to be a Supreme Court Justice. She wants to be a monarch.”
Owen Robinson, on State Supreme Court candidate Linda Clifford’s insane assertion that state justices “don’t…need to be in lock step” with higher-ranking courts

WI Supreme Court: The Race Is On

Two letters today on the Wisconsin Supreme Court race:

Experience makes Ziegler best choice

On April 3, voters have a clear choice when selecting the next Supreme Court Justice.

Judge Annette Ziegler, who has been on the bench for 10 years, is the only judge running for the Supreme Court.

Judge Ziegler’s opponent, Madison immigration lawyer Linda Clifford, has never been a judge on any level.

Judge Ziegler is known to be tough on crime and has put hundreds of criminals behind bars for a total of over 1,000 years.

Judge Ziegler has been endorsed by a majority of Wisconsin’s sheriffs and district attorneys. Republicans and Democrats alike are backing her campaign.

In fact, every single law enforcement group that has endorsed in the Supreme Court race has endorsed Judge Ziegler.

Judge Ziegler has been endorsed by a majority of her fellow judges. Judges from every part of Wisconsin agree that Judge Ziegler’s experience and background make her the right choice for the Supreme Court.

Judge Ziegler is the clear choice for the Supreme Court. Please join me in voting for Judge Ziegler on Tuesday, April 3.

Linda Becker

Clifford stands up for working people

With the spring election less then two weeks away many people are just becoming aware of the race for the State Supreme Court.

This race isn’t about who is a Republican and who is a Democrat — it’s a nonpartisan race. That means we have to look to see who the most qualified candidate is.

I feel that person is Linda Clifford.

Linda has 32 years of legal experience and is the only candidate who has ever argued a case in front of the Supreme Court.

Linda worked her way through college as a union steelworker. During law school she clerked at the Department of Justice. She also served as assistant attorney general and now is a full partner at a Madison law firm.

Linda will stand up for the rights of consumers and working people. Linda also has consistently stood up to protect the environment and take on polluters. Linda has earned many endorsements, including that of U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold and former Gov. Lee Dreyfus.

One of the few areas I can think of where a judge can legitimately “take a stand” for working people is eminent domain. Can we take this to mean Clifford doesn’t want the government taking people’s homes?

On April 3 I think the choice is easy. Vote for Linda Clifford — working with real people, solving real problems.

Sue Reich