Last Night, Ted Cruz Told Conservatives That Saving America Is Optional

Ted Cruz is by far the best candidate I’ve ever had the opportunity to vote for…and still, he let me down last night. He let his country down last night.

I know Donald Trump’s moral, intellectual, and philosophical deficiencies by heart. I was #NeverTrump for a few days after he secured the nomination. But a few days was all it took for me to confront, process, and admit two realities: first, that on every issue, the wrong things Trump may do are negated by the wrong things Hillary Clinton will do; and more importantly, that we may not have the opportunity to reverse Clinton’s actions in a term or two, because she will stack the Supreme Court for decades to come and grant amnesty to enough future Democrat voters to prevent conservatives from winning another presidency or Congressional majority in our lifetimes.

Ted Cruz understands this, because he himself has referenced both:

I have to say our very Bill of Rights hangs in the balance. We have right now an activist out of control Supreme Court, but we are one justice away from a five-justice radical, left-wing majority, the likes of which this country’s never seen […] We are one justice away from the Supreme Court mandating unlimited abortion on demand up until the point of delivery with taxpayer funding and no parental notification […] One more liberal justice, and the Supreme Court will effectively write the 2nd Amendment out of the Constitution […]

The Obama plan is to allow millions to come in illegally and try to grant them amnesty, grant them a pathway to citizenship, and they believe they’ll vote Democrat in perpetuity to keep the big-government Democrats in power. It is a transformational policy, if amnesty goes through. It changes who we are as a country, if Obama and the Democrats succeed in this.

For pity’s sake, Cruz referenced the stakes in last night’s speech, asking, “What if this, right now, is our last time? Our last moment to do something for our families and our country?” Apparently his answer is that, even if we don’t get another chance to reverse America’s slide into post-constitutional secular statism, giving Hillary Clinton the opportunity to finish America off is optional.

I understand the foul, asinine, indefensible things Trump said about Cruz’s family. If Cruz had simply refused to speak, or had spoken strictly about principles and Hillary Clinton without touching the how-to-vote question at all, nobody would have cause to blame him. But while today Cruz is citing Trump’s attacks on his family as his reason for not endorsing, there’s a difference between not endorsing and handing Clinton a sound bite.

More importantly, Cruz himself acknowledged last month that “At the end of the day, what matters is not the personal insults,” but rather “who we can trust to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to get Washington off the backs of small businesses, and bring back jobs, and to keep America safe.”

And as lackluster as Trump is, there is no serious question that he and Clinton are miles apart on those scores, or that Clinton would bring with her an army of Progressive bureaucrats who, as William McGurn puts it, “get up each day looking to tax, spend, regulate—and use the federal government to stomp on anyone in their way […] Whatever the shortcomings of Mr. Trump’s people, non-progressives simply do not share the itch to use the government to boss everyone else around.”

Ace nailed it last night:

It is not conscience, principle, or responsibility to suggest that Donald Trump’s sins, real and significant though they are, warrant letting Hillary Clinton slaughter preborn babies, extinguish more freedoms, desecrate the Constitution, get away with more crimes, get more police officers and jihad victims killed, and neuter the conservative movement’s ability to set anything right after she’s gone.

It made sense for Cruz to hold off on endorsing Trump until the delegate revolt possibility was officially dead. It was never realistic, but emotions were running so hot among Cruz’s most hardcore fans that they probably needed to see it fail for themselves before being pushed to face that it really is Trump or Clinton. But now that that’s passed, there’s no excuse for indulging third-candidate fantasies instead of grabbing on to the last tool available with which to beat back Clinton’s existential threat to the United States and conservatism.

Given the GOP’s spectacular drought of quality leadership, it may be that Ted Cruz is still our best presidential option in 2020 or 2024 (though I’d rather see a “Draft Sheriff David Clarke” movement emerge)…assuming, that is, President Clinton II hasn’t made elections irrelevant by then, because people like Cruz decided protecting the country from her wasn’t worth it.


One thought on “Last Night, Ted Cruz Told Conservatives That Saving America Is Optional

  1. I would like to point out that Ted Cruz never attacked Trump’s family, but his surrogates did and that was what prompted Trump’s response.


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