New at Live Action: Keeping Sight of the Big Picture in Abortion Scandals

A number of particularly sickening abortion-related stories have been in the news lately, from an abortionist carrying babies’ corpses in his car to an abortion facility worker getting pressured by her superiors for respecting a patient’s reluctance to abort, from a home abortion leaving a born baby boy mutilated for life to Planned Parenthood dumping its victims’ dead bodies in landfills. And then there’s been the defining controversy of the year, Planned Parenthood’s criminal organ-harvesting side business.

All of these stories are tremendously valuable in illustrating the true character of the abortion industry. And during a time where the law’s hands are tied from going after abortion directly, it’s worthwhile to seek whatever justice we can for its lesser crimes not under the Supreme Court’s protection.

But in our discussions of these lesser scandals, pro-lifers must take great care to keep them in context of the bigger picture, to cite them not as wrongs purely for their own sake but as outgrowths of a far greater wrong.

Read the rest at Live Action News.


One thought on “New at Live Action: Keeping Sight of the Big Picture in Abortion Scandals

  1. Hi Calvin, I read your article at LiveAction. I posted this comment there: I fully agree that abortion is the sin at the center of this battle. But in a battle, strategy is essential. So is knowing our enemy. All the “lesser” evils you sight are vital to winning this fight. In your argument to -keep our eye always focused on eradicating abortion- these are not distractions, but part of the same struggle. As David Daleiden said, “StemExpress is the weak link.” Is StemExpress a “lesser evil” just because they don’t do the killing themselves? Trafficking and profiteering on baby body parts is as heinous as the abortion itself. It is true pro-lifers didn’t take up this cause to shut down trafficking, but now we know: this is just another face of the same monster, not some distracting outlier. We must slay the whole beast and knowing where the chink in his armor is has toppled many a great foe.
    I would also add here that I have never been involved in the Pro-life movement before beyond prayer. We do not have an abortion clinic in our county. But StemExpress is in my hometown. In picketing there am I doing less of a service to the unborn than those picketing abortion clinic? These “peripheral issues” will win new recruits in this great cause of fighting for the protection of unborn. I’m sure you don’t want us to feel as less than.


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