New at Live Action: Liberal pro-lifer needs reminding that respect must be mutual

It is a perennial oddity of abortion apologetics that a movement whose own reasoning is shallow and ethically bankrupt, to the point of vapidity, so unabashedly lectures its opponents on their alleged immorality and insensitivity.

That was surely xoJane’s goal in publishing Jennie Kuckertz’s claims that her past as a “former pro-life activist” in college gave her critical insight into how the broader pro-life movement made her “feel disempowered and voiceless,” though Kuckertz herself appears more nuanced than that:

My freshman year was one of growth and challenge regarding the dignity and value of human life. I learned about the biology of the developing human in utero, the unfathomable cost of capital punishment, the injustices of inaccessible healthcare, and the massive human costs of a broken immigration system. I was brought into the pro-life consciousness with a broad understanding of what it meant to be pro-life. Like so many freshman, I felt as though my window to understanding the world had been opened. It did not take me long to realize that this was my most naïve moment.

Interestingly, Kuckertz recounts a number of instances of pro-abortion leftists stereotyping her based on her opposition to abortion, including someone who actually said, “I’m surprised you hang out with the pro-life group, you seem like you care about human rights,” and even a talk with an adviser on the possibility of grad schools and employers blacklisting people for being pro-life.

Read the rest at Live Action News.


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