I Voted For…….

…..Mitt Romney. It was a close call – I didn’t make up my mind until after getting in the car to head down to my polling place – but ultimately, one consideration outweighed the others: I want this primary over. I want conservatives and Republicans to stop fighting amongst themselves and start focusing on Barack Obama. The wounds from this fight run too deep, and what advantages Rick Santorum might have over Romney as the nominee aren’t, in my view, drastic enough to justify prolonging the struggle any longer. Defeating Obama is going to be tough enough; let’s cut the infighting and get to work on it.

2 thoughts on “I Voted For…….

  1. Voting for a Massachusetts moderate who hasn't pledged to cut any, repeat any, government spending? Come out and say you're a liberal already.


  2. Except that's not true. At all. From about 7 seconds on Google:




    Now, do you want to educate yourself, or do you want to keep lying about whether or not I'm a conservative? If you're tired of being a zombie and are willing to take the latter route, I direct you to the Romney sidebar to your right.


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