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Happy New Year, everyone!

Kirsten Powers gets thrown off balance by a nasty run-in with the truth.

I admire those who join armies, whether America’s or the Taliban’s.” Just don’t question their patriotism.

RedState has a troubling rundown of the problems with Michael Steele’s would-be RNC successors.

Some pinhead named Tad Lumpkin shills for Julian Assange on Big Government. Andrew Breitbart, call your office; this guy’s gotta go.

Another day, another debate about social issues on NewsReal. Do you think there’s a “true” definition of conservatism?

The internet is abuzz with acclaim for Red Letter Media’s third and final takedown of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. These reviews have been amusing (if extremely off-color), and made some fair points, but they’re drastically overrated, and seem to mostly coast on people’s raw, blind hatred of the prequels. (More here.)


3 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Kirsten Powers has no business being on TV as a political analyst. She is dumb, dumb, DUMB! Repeatedly embarrasses herself, but that's why FOX has her on — to make Democrats look stupid. (Dems strategists in DC think she's a joke)


  2. Conservatism should be no more than a strict reading of the Constitution and a fiscally responsible government. Anything else is destructive to these causes. I know where most stand on abortion and homosexuality. But we need to get the fundamentals right first, then we can debate the other stuff.


  3. As long as conservatives claim to be bound by the Declaration of Independence's promise of human equality and natural rights, then opposition to abortion has to be part of conservatism as well. And conservatism isn't so much concerned with homosexuality itself as it is with the belief that self-government can't be sustained without institutions such as marriage.


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