New on NewsReal – Hawaii Governor Revives Birth Certificate Wars Because He Wants to End the Controversy. Yeah, Right

My latest NewsRealBlog post:

Thankfully, TV and the blogosphere haven’t suffered any major Birther eruptions in a while, but Hawaii’s new Democratic governor, Neil Abercrombie, is poised to reignite the dumbest of Barack Obama’s scandals…in the name of putting a long-overdue stop to it. Abercrombie intends to settle the question of Obama’s citizenship status once and for all by releasing more previously-undisclosed birth records:

[T]he governor made clear in the CNN interview that he will push forward on this matter regardless of whether the White House is privately worried that it may bring more attention to the so-called “birthers” who continue to deny that Obama was born in America – despite evidence showing that he was.

“We haven’t had any of those discussions,” Abercrombie said of the White House. “It’s a matter of principle with me. I knew his mom and dad. I was here when he was born. Anybody who wants to ask a question honestly could have had their answer already.”

Asked if one option is to ask Obama to waive his privacy rights so that a copy of his actual birth certificate can be released publicly, Abercrombie cut off a reporter’s question.

“No, no, no – it’s not up to the president,” he said.  “It has nothing to do with the president.  It has to do with the people of Hawaii who love him, people who love his mom and dad. It has to do with respect the office of the president is entitled to. And it has to do with respect that every single person’s mother and father are entitled to.”

All the evidence we have overwhelmingly indicates that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii and is constitutionally eligible for the presidency. The facts are on Abercrombie’s side, as far as the question of Obama’s eligibility goes, but his dramatic talk of standing up to “a political agenda not worthy of any good American” reeks of partisan posturing.

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3 thoughts on “New on NewsReal – Hawaii Governor Revives Birth Certificate Wars Because He Wants to End the Controversy. Yeah, Right

  1. You're full of crap Calvin. You do not have a shred of real evidence regarding Obama's birthplace. You keep linking to half truths. Why don't you put the best item of proof you have here in your own words. Just the one item. Make it your most convincing item. I'll guarantee you I can demolish it. In the meantime, just answer one question for me. Why the secrecy regarding the original birth certificate? If it supports Obama's claim to be born in Hawaii, why keep it hidden? Let's hear your answer to this simple question.


  2. How is what I link to half-truth? I get that you wanna prove what a genius you are, but I've wasted hundreds of comments down that road before, and invariably you guys prove utterly uninterested in following the evidence.

    Can you recognize the difference between speculation as to how Obama *might* have THEORETICALLY been born somewhere other than Hawaii, despite all the evidence suggesting he was born exactly where he says, and strong, affirmative evidence that places him elsewhere? If you don't have the latter, the former is not compelling enough to be worth pursuing.

    And this “why keep it hidden?” thing isn't nearly as impressive as you think. Whatever the other facts may be (whether or not Hawaii even has the original paper copy on record – though the state's REPUBLICAN health director did verify that they've got all the original long-form data – or if Obama could be given something other than the COLB they sent him even if he wanted to), the fact remains that Obama would gain nothing by releasing it, and he has gained plenty by not releasing it.

    He knows he's in no danger of actually being removed from office over this, so he has no need to be cooperative. On the other hand, he knows that foolish conservatives obsessing over this makes the rest of us on the Right look petty, crazy, and stupid — which is exactly how he wants the country to look at us.


  3. Thanks for responding, but you missed my point. I said you linked to half truths, and asked you to post something factual here that verified Obama's birth place as Hawaii. You can't do it of course, for there is none. The only published “official” document linking Obama's birth to Hawaii is the electronically generated COLB, a document that raises more questions than it answers.

    I don't think this is good enough documentation to validate Obama and neither should anybody able to think rationally. There should be more. We're not talking about a passport application here. We're talking about the integrity of the office of President and the security of the United States.

    Around 130 million citizens (according to one survey) doubt Obama's US origins. Even Nancy Pelosi refused to sign off on his constitutional eligibility (except in one state). Why the hell shouldn't the public be entitled to a more definitive answer to this question?

    The intent of the American born clause is to help in assuring the loyalty of the President to the USA. To avoid the possible entanglement of divided international loyalties. Given Obama's unhesitating enthusiasm for putting America second in world affairs, asking him to validate this CONSTITUTIONAL requirement is not unreasonable.

    It is certainly not crazy as you try to portray it as. If there had been unity on this issue on the right, Obama may well have been behind bars by now, and the country doing so much better for that fact. You need to stop letting the Democrats tell you how to think. Too many so called right wingers are nothing more than mouth pieces for the leftist propaganda machine. Especially on this issue. If you're any kind of journalist, you should be compelled to shine light, not add to the darkness.


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