Some Thoughts on Farah vs. Coulter

Regardless of where you stand on religion and homosexuality, Joseph Farah and World Net Daily have been peddling conspiratorial nonsense like Birtherism and the North American Union too long to be taken seriously by any conservative. Which is a pity, because he’s actually got a point about the Right’s current drift toward “materialistic libertarianism.” The American Founding was neither materialistic nor libertarian.

To be sure, there are a small handful of voices here and there that would make America into a theocracy if they could, but those who want to push the Right too far in the other direction (pro-abortion, anti-marriage, etc.) are more numerous and influential – making excessive secularism a more potent and immediate threat than excessive religion.

It also may be that Ann Coulter is too trusting of GOProud and their motives – at CPAC, GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia whined in front of the cameras about how the National Organization for Marriage people at CPAC treated GOProud nicely in person, but the next day issued a press release promising to oppose GOProud on pro-gay-marriage candidates. We didn’t already know the two groups disagreed? We’re supposed to assume that whoever was manning NOM’s booth was the same person responsible for their press releases, and they were deliberately trying to mislead GOProud? Please. GOProud’s not above attacking other members of the conservative coalition for the sake of grabbing headlines.

Further, LaSalvia calls redefining marriage a conservative position, when it’s anything but. Whatever else the group may be, they’re almost certainly trying to redefine conservatism to better fit their own agenda – a danger we shouldn’t ignore.

That said, it’s more than a little ridiculous to say that someone who has spent her entire career fighting for God, life, marriage, and family is suddenly a traitor to Christianity and social conservatism because of a single speech nobody’s even heard yet. Don’t those of you condemning Coulter think it’s just a little premature to do so when you don’t even know what she’s going to say? For all we know, her speech might be about the relationship between conservatism and gay issues. And if there’s anything we know about Ann Coulter, it’s that she’s not afraid to tell audiences things they don’t want to hear.


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