Scott’s At It Again

Scott Feldstein says that”Being for slavery during the Civil War was a conservative position.” I shed a little light on his historical illiteracy after that comment, to which – surprise! – I got a lazy response that doesn’t even try to mount a meaningful defense of his false characterization of both history and American conservatism.

I guess we shouldn’t expect any better from the guy who thinks you should be able to kill a human being with a heartbeat, a fully-formed brain, and the capacity to feel pain “for any reason at all.”

(For more on the Civil War, click here.)


4 thoughts on “Scott’s At It Again

  1. Your light-shedding consisted mostly of bluster about you having taken some undergrad political science classes and some kind of textbook definitions of the words “liberal” and “conservative”–none of which directly addressed the points I was making. Plus you were pretty jerky to me and to other commenters without provocation of any kind.


  2. Only if by “without provocation of any kind” you mean “based on several years of directly observing you repeatedly lying about numerous political issues, smearing the motives conservatives based on the flimsiest of evidence, and selectively ignoring evidence based solely on whether or not it reaffirms your prejudices.”


  3. Scott's remarks on the issue show are contextually misguided. The modern liberal and conservative movements were not in existence then. The idea of social cradle to grave control had yet to be invented, so the need for a conservative voice calling for Constitutional government was not needed.

    Slavery was the issue of that age. Every major political issue revolved around it. The vehement Democratic pro-slavery stand was the impetus for the formation of the Republican party. Emancipation was the major issue behind the GOP then, just as socialism is the major issue behind the Democrat Party of today.


  4. Further, the motive for preserving it was self-interest, which is neither right nor left – it's human. When a particular status quo is to conservatives' liking, they will seek to preserve it. When a status quo is to leftists' liking, they will do the same.


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