A Word of Advice to the Non-Insane Paulites (if You Exist)

I’ve been in lots and lots of arguments about Ron Paul over the past several months, in which serious doubts as to the congressman’s credibility have been raised.  In response, I’ve been treated to all sorts of inane lectures of varying literacy on non-interventionism, blowback, history, progressivism, the Constitution, and, of course, those darn Jews.

What I’m almost never treated to are serious attempts to refute the facts backing up my claims (despite the fact that Paulites are pretty adamant that I’m “slandering” their prophet).  For instance, when I argue that Paul presents a biased, misleading view of the Founders’ foreign policy views, they don’t bother to explain why my read of the evidence is incorrect, or put forth new evidence that would change the picture.  When I reveal that Ron and Rand misrepresent the facts surrounding Iran (as well as other facts about the War on Terror), they’re similarly silent on the details.

Here’s a tip: If you guys wanna be taken seriously as anything other than blind cultists, evangelizing with pre-scripted talking points isn’t gonna cut it; you have to honestly consider and respond to what people actually say about your guy.  When you try to change the topic, you’re not making dents in anything but your own credibility.


2 thoughts on “A Word of Advice to the Non-Insane Paulites (if You Exist)

  1. Don’t even pretend like you’re interested in a debate. You’ve already made up your mind. It’s not lost on anybody how you insert juvenile comments like “those darn jews” and tag your posts with words like “conspiracy theories” and “stupidity.” Your and other’s immaturity is the reason why I left the Republican party.


    • If I have inaccurately characterized the Pauls or their underlying movement, you are free to demonstrate how (though I warn you that you won’t get very far without honestly assessing the extensive evidence I have offered for my views during my time commenting on the Pauls). Anyone else curious whether or not I’m “interested in a debate” or whether or not my commentary is “juvenile” is free to look at my record.


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