Rand Wins, America Loses

I’ve put a lot of effort here and on NewsReal into defending Sarah Palin from various attacks.

Tonight, I regret every word of it.

Thanks in no small part to her endorsement (as well as that of James Dobson, Jim DeMint, & Erick Erickson), the deranged Rand Paul won the Kentucky GOP’s Senate nomination (more on Paul’s hideous record here and here).

Palin’s celebration of Paul’s victory on tonight’s “Hannity” consisted entirely of empty blather straight out of the Paul camp’s press releases: the grassroots are rising up, the establishment better take notice, blah blah blah.  Does she know anything about Paul’s record?  About how he’s diametrically opposed to her own views on national security?

Some of you who don’t share Paul’s affinity for appeasement or his tolerance of bigotry might nevertheless think Paul’s win is no big deal, because he only has one vote and most foreign policy will be set by the executive branch.  But first, consider that Democrats campaign for keeps – we all know the lengths to which Democrats will go to falsely smear conservatives as extremists; just imagine the field day they’ll have with all of the real dirt in Rand’s closet.  I predict a Democrat victory in the general election.

Second, odds are that more than a few mushy Republican pols and would-be candidates will interpret Paul’s win, and his legitimization by other mainstream “true” conservatives, as an indication that it’s okay and/or smart politics to tack left on defense issues.  Do we really want two pro-appeasement political parties?

I hope Jim DeMint is rewarded with the primary challenge of his life.  And Sarah Palin has proven that she does not deserve the presidency.


2 thoughts on “Rand Wins, America Loses

  1. Calvin:

    Have to sent your articles to Palin and De Mint? I have. Most likely, he/she will not read them, nor will she respond to them. However it is important to have your thoughts on record in his/her political camp. Additionally, it may be time ot inform the Tea Party leadership, – whomever they are – that they are being used.

    I am as disappointed as you by this turn of events. Few battles are won in a single event. There will be more, and we must learn to prevail. I believe that the most difficult part in all of this is the exchange of information. Politicians are like pit bulls. Once they clamp their jaws (aka brains) onto something, it is almost impossible to remove that from those clamped jaws. Ergo, the minds of the Palin’s are as clamped on their own talking points as the proverbial pit bull, and it will take a goodly amount of force to get things out of their minds.

    The demise of society will not be due to nuclear weapons, but to the 1 minute talking point.



  2. بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

    Al Quran
    Al Muminun:
    109. Indeed, there was a party of my servants to pray (in the world): “Our Lord, we believe, so forgive us and grant us mercy and grace You are the Best Better.

    11O. Then you (pagan / hypocritical) to make them (Muslims) mockery, so (busy) you are mocking them, making you forget to remember me, and were you always laugh at them,

    111. Surely I have rewarded them (Muslims) in today, because of their patience, they are actually the ones who win


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