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Required reading: Keith Hennessey has a lengthy-yet-readable, point-by-point takedown of Barack Obama’s August 11 healthcare townhall in New Hampshire (PDF link).

It seems that, a couple weeks back, Jude Noble elaborated on a point she tried to make in the comments section of this post.  Even with a larger word count, it’s no less insipid.

Gallup finds that conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states.  Presumably, women & minorities hardest hit.

Here’s Herman Cain, sticking up for tea partiers (hat tip to Ann Coulter).  He too had a great speech at the YAF conference.

A word of warning, should you ever feel the temptation to compliment a liberal (as I did when Alonzo Fyfe took the high road after George Tiller’s murder): you should never mistake a temporary moment of conscience as evidence that he’s cleaned up for good.  Case in point: the Atheist “Ethicist” has fallen off the wagon and joined in the efforts to demonize the townhall protesters.  Stay classy, demagogue.

Of course, that’s not to say there are no pinheads among the protesters.  As somebody who puts principle over posturing, I’m perfectly capable of recognizing and condemning wrongdoing committed by those on my side of the political spectrum.  But can the Left say the same?  I know, I know.  Rhetorical question.

Jonah Goldberg offers a simple yet effective analogy illustrating the folly of ObamaCare.  Why can’t the GOP?

Here’s the latest on federal funding for abortion in ObamaCare.


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