Yes! Sarah Palin for VP!

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Yesterday, reports of Tim Pawlenty abuptly canceling media appearances seemed to be a fairly good hint that he was the pick. Then early today, indications came that he was out. So was Mitt Romney. So was Sarah Palin. Add that to the recent scoop that the GOP should expect a “traditional” candidate (meaning, not a pro-choicer like Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge), and essentially the full field was out. Team McCain did a great job of keeping us all guessing.

But now we know: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is the Republican Vice-Presidential candiate!

Solidly conservative, vibrant, a reformer…what’s not to like?

Bitter Hillary fans are in a tizzy, the Right is charged like you wouldn’t believe a McCain-headed ticket could do, and Team Obama is actually trying to play the experience card in response (yeah, good luck with that, Mr. I-Majored-In-Foreign-Affairs-In College).

Simply awesome. For the first time in a good long while, I’m optimistic about this race. Bring it on, Dems. May the best man – and woman – win.


2 thoughts on “Yes! Sarah Palin for VP!

  1. .This is going to be fun. History will be made, one way or another, and it looks more likely now that it will be the right history. Even more Hillary supporters will go for McCain now. Obama is no longer a near certainty. Heaven forbid something happens to McCain, but I believe Palin would rise to the occasion. She has the right attitude. Everyone knows Obama is NOT ready for POTUS, Palin is only for the VP. Look at Dan Quayle. YEY SARAH PALIN! YEY John McCain! Great pick! The 1st woman for the GOP VP? SCORE! She’s conservative! SCORE! She’s a Governor! SCORE! She’s pro-drilling! She’s a hunter! SCORE! She’s a hockey Mom and played basketball in school! SCORE! She’s pro-life! And she respects women! SCORE! She fights corruption! SCORE! She’s high-energy! SCORE! She’s tough! SCORE! She’s got 5 kids! SCORE! Her son is going to Iraq in the Armed Forces! SCORE! She’s married to a Blue-collar professional! SCORE! She’s smart! SCORE! She’s young! SCORE! And she’s a Hotty to boot! SCORE! The Left is going to go nuts! SCORE!.absurd thought –God of the Universe saysnever elect a womanwho’s a conservativeshe’s just a gender traitor.absurd thought –God of the Universe saysjust HOPE to pay more taxesDREAM about high fuel pricesCHANGE PROGRESS to move backwards.All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech, there can be no real freedom..< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon<>.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Help Halt Terrorism Today!<>.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">USpace<>🙂.


  2. I’m glad McCain picked Palin. I was rather amused this morning when I noticed the newspaper pointing out her lack of foreign policy experience, when they never find the need to mention that when talking about Obama.


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