Catholic Complicity in Abortion

From ALL’s Michael Hichborn:

As you may be aware, American Life League has been covering a scandal in Richmond, VA where four employees of a Catholic Charities actually helped a teenaged Guatemalan immigrant obtain an abortion. What is so terrible about this is that Bishop DiLorenzo actually knew about the abortion that was to take place the following morning, and did nothing to prevent it. Even worse is that it took at least 3 months before these employees were fired. And as if those weren’t enough, the same employees helped the girl implant a birth control device several months before. Who knew about that, and why didn’t it come out until now that this was done?

There are so many questions surrounding this incident that American Life League asked the Commonwealth Attorney to step in and conduct an investigation. Given that this looks so much like a cover-up, we wonder if this has happened before at this or even other Catholic Charities.

For more information:

Washington Post: Antiabortion Group Urges Inquiry

Washington Times: Prosecution of Charity Ruled Out in Abortion Case

CBS-6 Richmond: Abortion Investigation

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