Ben Stein vs. Richard Dawkins

Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled sounds eye-opening, and if this observation for Mariano at Atheism Sucks is any indication, it sure will be:

Now on to Prof. Dawkin’s ID promotion. Mr. Stein’s interview with Prof. Dawkins is something to behold—a feast sights and sounds, I assure you. For instance, Prof. Dawkins asserts that people feel liberated and relieved when they realize that God does not exist. Mr. Stein asks him how he knows that, he is after all speaking with an empirical scientist. Prof. Dawkins responds that he receives letters from people to that effect. To which Mr. Stein states that there are some 8 billion people in the world and asks, “How many letters do you get?” This is funny and even embarrassing but think about it: the sorts of letters that Prof. Dawkins receives to that effect are of a very particular sort having been written by people who were motivated to contact him in order to either thank him, or buddy up to him, or congratulate him, etc. This certainly constitutes a biased sample. This sadly short segment is peppered with Prof. Dawkins making authoritative pronouncements only to be asked how he knows that and being forced to admit that he does not.
Finally, he is asked how life could have originated presuming that God does not exist. He begins to explain Darwinian Natural Selection but is asked to back up to how life began in the first place. Taking a page straight out of Francis Crick’s atheist escapism playbook—he proposes Directed Panspermia. He lucidly explains, beyond any obscurity, that alien civilizations could have developed to the point of gaining the ability to seed life on earth. This is a theory for the intelligent design of life on earth. What then is the next logical question? How did life originate on that alien world? Prof. Dawkins explains that he believes that it was through Darwinian mechanisms.

3 thoughts on “Ben Stein vs. Richard Dawkins

  1. “He(Dawkins)lucidly explains, beyond any obscurity, that alien civilizations could have developed to the point of gaining the ability to seed life on earth.”I have read several books by Dawkins and can tell you that he believes no such thing. You need to understand – and I do mean “understand” – the first few chapters of “The selfish Gene” to gain a very plausible insight into how life began.


  2. Yes, seeing the interview will clear things up.However, then (as even now) charges of un-contextual clipping will be made which is why I recommend that one and all go see this movie on Apr. 18th. That way it will make enough money to warrant the production of follow up DVDs that will provide full interview videos, etc. (as explained in my original post). I am not even claiming that Prof. Dawkins is only proponing ID but that he offers it as an option during the interview. Claiming that this contradicts what he wrote over three decades ago is a bit of a non sequitur.aDios,Mariano


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