Oswald & Ruby

Could there be another dimension to President John F. Kennedy’s murder?

Lost documents said to be a “conspiracy theorist’s dream come true” have been unearthed which suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby plotted together to kill President John F Kennedy…The boxes of evidence, found in an old safe in a Dallas courthouse, include a transcript of a conversation said to be between the pair discussing how they would carry out the assassination on behalf of the Mafia.

The transcript claims that the real target of the Mob was the president’s brother, Robert Kennedy, the attorney general, himself later assassinated. Robert had launched a campaign against the criminal underworld. In the alleged conversation, Ruby, a nightclub owner, and Oswald decide that it would be easier to kill the president than his brother and that JFK’s death would end the inquiry just as effectively.

I’ve never given much credence to the various JFK conspiracy theories, but this sounds interesting…

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