9 thoughts on “ALL Report: Sex Sells

  1. How dare they create a light-hearted ad campaign that catches the attention of young people and advocates safer sex practices? A pastor quoting scripture to sexually-active youth would be much more effective.


  2. RE AnotherTosaVoter:No objections to (genuinely) responsible sex here. Nothing about boredom, either.(And personally, I’d place little things like compassion, truth, justice, sacrifice, and patriotism as slightly higher goods than “fun.” But maybe that’s just me.)RE Rationalist:The issue isn’t that these are “light-hearted.” The issues are 1.) they casualize a serious thing which has serious ramifications, and 2.) they’re doing it with our tax dollars.


  3. What would you describe as genuinely safe sex?None of the things you place higher than fun preclude sex before marriage in my opinion.If you’re opposed to using tax dollars for these messages, are you also opposed to abstinence-only messages that have shown no evidence of effectiveness? How about tax-supported messages that imply a certain moral point of view on the matter?


  4. Genuinely safe sex? For one thing, knowing the person you’re about to hop into bed with well enough to know whether he/she has an STD before you do the deed. For another, going into sex with the understanding that you may create someone for which you are accountable, and being prepared to face that responsibility, should it arise.Radical concepts, I know.“No evidence of effectiveness?” Well, the last time the Left trotted out an “abstinence-only doesn’t work” story, it turned out to be crap:http://rightcal.blogspot.com/2007/04/abstinence-education-failure-not-so.htmlAs far as tax funding goes, there’s a strong case to be made that the government shouldn’t be funding ANY private groups. But as far as education goes, to the extent that the government has a role in it, it would certainly be better to promote teaching kids how to be adults rather than affirming to them that they can/should be slaves to lust.


  5. LOL. That post again. The one that said,“There is NO EVIDENCE that abstinence-only education works, though we didn’t test it over a longer period of time…”Then you say abstinence only education won’t work until we as a society put the sexual revolution back in a bottle.How does that post make the case for sex education again?You’re engaging in Clinton-level spin here Cal. It seriously reduces your credibility.I don’t disagree with the attitude you’d have sex education take, but doesn’t teaching people to be adults include allowing that people have different moral standards from you and how best to protect themselves from the readily apparent risks?Western Europe has much more robust and comprehensive sex education than we do. Their rates of STD transmission, teen pregnancy and abortion are lower than ours. Do you want to prevent unwanted pregnancies, STD transmission, and abortions, or do you want to push a policy because of its intentions regardless of its outcomes?


  6. I’m not naive – I don’t claim my path will change things overnight. But if this society is to recover from the narcissism the Left has infected it with, a responsibility revolution needs to happen. Sexual responsibility in classrooms is only one part of that revolution, but it’s a vital part. Recognizing this isn’t “spin” of any sort—it’s simple reason.Your path is neither responsible nor does it teach adulthood, for a number of reasons. First, because promiscuity has dangers that go far beyond pregnancy – even beyond STDs. There are intense psychological & emotional ramifications involved with taking things that far at a young age – stress, misplaced priorities (away from school, for example), depression, even increased potential for suicide have been documented. I’m looking at the big picture. Second, while condoms will decrease pregnancy somewhat among those who have sex, distributing them will give promiscuity a societal stamp of approval, encouraging more teens to have sex, resulting in some pregnancies & STDs that wouldn’t have happened at all.Third, because it is fundamentally wrong to feed kids the lie that condoms are “protection.” Even if we concede that their rate of effectiveness is high, when the undesired outcome is something as dangerous & life-changing as pregnancy & STDs, that failure rate doesn’t seem so insignificant, now does it? In Russian roulette, you have an 83% chance of an empty chamber…but the bullet is still kind of a big deal…..I understand there will always be a percentage of teens who have sex (the same holds true for ANY action). But the number of those who do can be decreased considerably by restoring the value of personal responsibility. We do that by telling kids they can be better than the pop-culture filth surrounding them, and doing so will ultimately be more rewarding in the long run. We do that by respecting them enough to be honest with them and saying “If you do this, you might change your life in ways you can’t imagine, and society isn’t obligated to be your personal get-out-of-jail-free card. At some point, you have to learn to be an adult—and adults don’t play with fire.”Your path does not teach responsibility; it teaches them that maturity & character take a backseat to indulgence & lust, all the while dangerously downplaying the very real potential for deadly & life-changing consequences. In short, it denies them one of the essentials for adulthood.My path isn’t punishment – those who choose dangerous behavior punish themselves. Nor does it involve denying anyone information – to the contrary; I’m only denying people disastrous falsehoods, such as the deeply-delusional claim that GIVING OUT FREE CONDOMS would not lead to more sex. Besides, it’s not as if students in my scenario would be told condoms don’t exist or anything – we’d simply talk honestly about them, and we wouldn’t hand ’em out.I think a long-term cultural renewal would go pretty far toward decreasing unwanted pregnancies, STDs, and abortions, though in the case of abortion, you prevent it by making it illegal, and by doing our part for adoption and crisis pregnancy centers.


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