Post-Debate Analysis

Some reactions to last night’s debate…

The absence of the bottom tier was refreshing (and also
whipped the Paultergeists into a frenzy).

I think Romney, Thompson & Giuliani all had good nights, though Huckabee suffered when Mitt
pinned him to the wall.

We all know John McCain is a genuine war hero, but he seemed to remind us of it more than usual last night. If he’s not careful, he could wind up reminding voters of John Kerry (only without the treason).

There’s a
perception out there that moderator Chris Wallace denied Fred his full share of the airtime. I sure didn’t see it.

The talking point du jour has been “change” lately, and Rudy actually had the best answer to it: that change can be for better or worse, and isn’t a positive in and of itself.

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