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In his latest column, Jonah Goldberg gives the bottom-line reason why no decent or responsible person can support abortion: “I don’t see how you can be that sure, which is why I’m pro-life — not because I’m certain, but because I’m not.”

good news from Iraq, but the bulk of the article is about how decreasing violence is bad for the cemetery business. Cry me a river.

As mayor, Rudy Giuliani formed a coalition to combat “anti-immigrant” legislation—which included George Soros, who “Hizzonor” (dopey nickname) recently lashed out at. Seems to me like a two-in-one flip-flop at least as bad, if not worse, as the charges the
Rudy hacks regularly level at Mitt Romney. Ye hypocrites!

Speaking of the hacks, you know something’s rotten in Denmark when “Republicans”
favorably cite the Associated Press.

The other frontrunners were unsurprisingly peeved last week when Romney claimed to be the candidate representative of the “Republican wing of the Republican Party,” and responded in kind. That’s politics. But, none of the others came close to telling the kind of lie Fred Thompson’s campaign did, by claiming Romney “ran for Senate to the left of Ted Kennedy.” The discrepancies in Romney’s record are a fair issue.
This, however, is a lie – not a matter of casting facts & circumstances in a certain light. I guess ol’ Fred is OK with lying to people to win the presidency. That should give his supporters pause.

New, promising books: there are too many of ‘em!

Dinesh D’Souza (author of
one of the aforementioned books) has an interesting take on miracles, science, and the lack of conflict between the two.

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