Coulter Strikes Back

Ann unloads some righteous fury on her richly-deserving detractors. I do disagree with Ms. Coulter in one area, though—I would make one change to this sentence (in red): “I’m a little tired of losers trying to raise campaign cash, Web traffic, or TV ratings off of my coattails.”

Meanwhile, it’s noteworthy that Fox News’ Shepard Smith
embraced the Left’s smear. Is FNC still a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy ™?

2 thoughts on “Coulter Strikes Back

  1. Hey Calvin,Thanks for stopping by my site today. Congrats on Hillsdale. WAY COOL.Check out the Bill Chase link I have in my “Fun” widget. Chase played for Maynard in the 50’s. He was killed in a plane crash in the early 70’s but had a bunch of GREAT albums before he passed. The dude had iron lips. Man could he scream. The best albums were Chase/Ennea and Pure Music. Well worth the investment.


  2. Thanks. The Chase link didn’t seem to work, but I checked out Jerry Van Blair. Impressive! Back in high school, Maynard actually came to perform, and our jazz band opened for him once.


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