Odds & Ends

Here’s a global-warming debate on Boots & Sabers. If the issue is settled and the enviros have won, then why do they expend so much effort (well, mostly blood pressure) in trying to re-fight it?

Nun Wars: HUH?! (Kinda reminds me of Spy Hard…)

Cindy Sheehan
lashes out at her own side again. Say, I though Cindy had retired from the antiwar movement a while back. Shouldn’t she…I dunno…shut up?

Herman Munster: accept no

Rudy Giuliani’s commitment to the War on Terror—pretty much the only legit conservative reason to vote for him—
faces new scrutiny, and it ain’t pretty.

(Hat tip to the
Corner for the above two.)

And now for something completely different: a
wild new ride for the next Batman film (because this blog hasn’t been quite nerdy enough lately).

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