CFO Giuliani Archive

The following is a list of links to all of my commentary on Rudy Giuliani, for easy access on CFO’s “Just say NO” sidebar to your right (listed in chronological order):

An Apologist for Giuliani”—dissecting Deroy Murdock’s “pro-life case for Rudy”

2008 Presidential Lineup

Ann Coulter, Rudy Giuliani & the Republican Crossroads

The Party of Values”—observation on Giuliani’s dubious marital history

2 Headlines: “Rudy Judges Leaned Left” & “Many Unaware of Rudy’s Social Liberalism”

This Is Your Brain on Drugs”—dissecting another “socially-conservative case for Rudy”

Terror Warrior?”—Rudy’s chief strength may not be all it’s advertised as

America’s Mayor Aborting Own Candidacy?”—Rudy all-but-giving social conservatives the finger

Tidbits from the Republican Primary

First Republican Primary Debate

The Latest on Rudy

Second GOP Debate

Liberal Leanings as Conservative Credentials?”—the difference between Giuliani-support and Romney-support

Bishop Thomas Tobin’s RSVP to Mayor Giuliani

GOP Round 3: Full Impressions


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