The Race for the White House Has Been Put on Fred-Alert

Fred Thompson: it looks like the dream (not my dream, but the dream nonetheless) is getting closer to becoming a reality—more reports are emerging today that he’s raising cash & a campaign team, and he’ll announce his candidacy in July. Not to rain on friends’ parades, but conservatives really should think about the fact that a Fred Thompson presidency wouldn’t exactly be the same as an Arthur Branch presidency. I know my candidate isn’t perfect, and I think it would be premature to be hailing him as another Reagan, but when you put the two side by side, I don’t see any comparison: Mitt Romney is the better man for the job, and easily offers more potential for America’s future.

2 thoughts on “The Race for the White House Has Been Put on Fred-Alert

  1. I’m still conflicted about my vote. I am interested in hearing Thompson on the issues. His past voting record was very conservative, but this is a new day!I like Romney.Thanks so much the visit and the comment at my place.MaggieMaggie’s Notebook


  2. My pleasure! The only problem with the blogosphere is that there are so many blogs deserving attention! 🙂I don’t think Thompson matches the hype so many seem to have, but if he successfully derails Giuliani, that alone would be enough for America to owe him our gratitude.I really think it’s a shame that Duncan Hunter isn’t high-profile enough to break into the top tier. But depending on his age, VP Hunter would be in a great position after 8 years in a Romney or Thompson White House….


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