The Latest on Rudy

Laura Ingraham gets this week’s “Pundit with Principles” award for (not following Hannity’s lead and) actually grilling Giuliani on abortion.

I’m currently
debating the Mayor’s support for premeditated child homicide at Bloggers4Rudy.

If Rudy “hates” abortion, he’s got some ‘splainin’ to do:
Remarks to NARAL’s “Champions of Choice” Luncheon, and his spin as to why he donated to Planned Parenthood doesn’t hold water. (hat tip: EFM)

Bill Donohue
asks a great question: “If helping pregnant women make choices is the supreme issue for Rudy Giuliani, then he should be able to document all the checks he’s written to support Crisis Pregnancy Centers—not just Planned Parenthood. If he can’t, it is logical to conclude that the only real choice he thinks is worthy of his money is the one which results in the death of innocent human beings. And that would make him a fraud.” (hat tip: K-Lo)

“But he significantly increased adoptions in the Big Apple, right?”
Not so fast.

Oh and by the way, Rudy’s problems aren’t all abortion-related: meet
Bernie Kerik, the elephant in the room (no pun intended).

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