Brought to You by…You!

“The spectacle of September 11 is a forceful reminder of the potentially destructive power of the three great monotheistic religions [Christianity, Judaism and Islam] that have dominated the world one way or another for nearly 2,000 years…You only have to travel a few miles from New York City to find yourself in the middle of a country which is – far from being the secular world which was deplored and attacked by the Islamic fundamentalists – is in fact intensely Christian and therefore in its own way, of course, is just as religious as the Muslim world that attacked it.” So says Jonathan Miller, host of a 2005 pro-atheism documentary by BBC, now coming Stateside courtesy of PBS.

Yup, that’d be the same PBS that
wouldn’t allow an important anti-Islamofascism film to be aired. Why isn’t anybody on Capitol Hill calling for PBS to be defunded?
(By the way, the folks behind the BBC piece use the term “nontheism” a lot. I’ve noticed this in Sam Harris’s writing, too: What’s up with their dislike of the label “atheist?”)

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