Dad Takes on Petri

Like father, like son:

Nothing to do with ‘free thinking’

Bill Zeleske labels Jim Kiser (outgoing Fond du Lac County Republican Party vice chair) and Holly Schwefel (outgoing Fond du Lac County Republican Party chair) blind partisans for condemning Rep. Tom Petri’s Iraq resolution vote.

Mr. Zeleske’s ridiculous, overblown rhetoric is itself a pretty good example of blind partisanship. But a much bigger problem is when Democrats (assisted by enablers like Petri) put their desire to damage the administration ahead of the good of the country.

Is there any excuse to be where we are after four years in Iraq? None.

Is it fair to condemn the administration for its handling of the war? Absolutely.

However, there is a big difference between identifying the administration’s failings and signing on to a resolution that will serve only to give hope to those fighting our troops: The terrorists believe that they can wait us out if they keep killing, every death bringing them closer to the day the American people give up.

I believe that Petri stuck his finger in the air and acted accordingly. There is no honor in decision by public opinion poll, made when no other course of action appears to be politically safe. Mr. Petri has not offered leadership regarding the war over the last four years. He now believes that jumping to the anti side is politically expedient.

Petri offers the partition of Iraq as a solution, but this is just a shabby device to cover our exit. Anyone who thinks that the Iraqis will neatly divide themselves into three, absent the force of American arms, is delusional.

Would Zeleske and (David) Beaster be praising Petri for showing “personal integrity” had he openly criticized the president for not fighting hard enough in Iraq? Of course not.

Their attack on Kiser and Schwefel has nothing to do with “free thinking” politicians or “personal integrity”, but rather is about their own lack of it.

Paul Freiburger

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